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Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Detoxification

Do you know that Delirium tremens kills one in  20 people during alcohol withdrawal? Yes, It is estimated these tremors occur in 5 percent of the people who go through the process of alcohol withdrawal. This is the time where the alcohol detoxification comes into the picture.


It is good if you have decided to break away from the chains of alcohol addiction and stay sober. But, it is very important to note that alcohol detoxification is the initial step in the long way of recovery. Detoxification helps alcohol abusers to cut down the consumption of alcohol and for the one’s who are on the edge of falling into dependency.


“Alcohol detoxification, for alcohol addicts, is the sudden discontinuance of alcohol intake. It is a procedure frequently combined with substitution of cross-tolerant medications, keeping in mind the end goal to turn away alcohol withdrawal.”


Detoxification signifies the immediate abandoning in the intake of alcohol. In this process, the body prepares to clean up from all the traces of alcohol. The process usually takes about 7-10 days. But in some cases, the length of stay varies depending on the factors like addiction history, severity, mental behavior, etc. Alcohol detoxification can be achieved in rehab centers through detox programs and medications.


Why do you need to go for Alcohol Detoxification Programs?


Many people decide to undergo self-detoxification, but it is advisable to go for rehab centers if possible. This is because that the potential dangers or symptoms during detox are sometimes life-threatening. Medical detoxification programs provide the most supportive and comprehensive environment during all the stages of alcohol detox. Know how-

  • Prevention of relapse– Relapse prevention is a primary aspect of any rehab center. While you are detoxing alone, there are chances where you might start consuming alcohol again. Hence, alcohol detox programs provide a break between relapse and temptation with their medications.
  • Customized Treatment– Potential suicidal thoughts and depression are manageable through medications combined with counseling sessions and therapies. Detox centers provide individual therapies and 12-step groups for detoxification and beyond.
  • Safety– Detoxing alone is a risky process which may prove fatal. Therefore, it is good if there is someone who could support and guide you. In such cases, rehab centers assist the person in getting the transition from their destructive behavior with complete care.

Alcohol withdrawal should not be strived without seeking a professional help, as the symptoms can appear and maximize in no time. This can also prove fatal. Hence it is advisable to seek the right treatment and support.


An alcohol addict is expected to decrease his life expectancy at a minimum of 15 years. Though alcohol addiction is dangerous and potentially fatal, still it is treatable. If you or your close one is abusing alcohol, it is good to seek a medical or psychological help as there exist various treatment options for detoxification.


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