Mental Illness!! It’s Not Alwa...

STIGMA IS A THREAT TO YOU AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!   “Stigma is the rejection, avoidance or fear, people direct toward those they perceive as being “different.” Mental illness attacks everyone and anyone. It affects, what makes us human: language, reasoning, and empathy. Our memory, character, the difference between self and others, their perception of what […]

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Paranoid Schizophrenia

Paranoid Schizophrenia is one of the most common types of schizophrenia. This usually causes psychosis of different intensity, thus causing the person to lose his mind and touch with respect to the reality.   People diagnosed with paranoia are heavily suspicious of other people. This condition can cause adverse effects in their life in terms […]

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Schizophrenia Rehabilitation

Importance on the need of Schizophrenia Rehab   Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that usually appears in late adolescence or early adulthood. Characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and other cognitive difficulties, schizophrenia can often be a lifelong struggle.   People with schizophrenia have profound disabling cognitive defects. Whether positive or its negative symptoms, these cognitive deficits […]

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Effects of Party Drugs

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey, it is estimated that more than 6, 00,000 people coming under the age of 12 or older were reported in use of party drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. The survey also found that 39,000 people especially the youth between 12 and 17 years old […]

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9 things you need to know abou...

What is Marijuana? “Marijuana” is dried leaves and flower of cannabis hemp plant, which has more volume of a non-narcotic chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in multiple quantities. When it is inhaled or consumed, it makes the individual feel high for few hours.   What are the other similar types of drugs like marijuana? Ecstasy, Benzodiazepines, […]

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Borderline Personality Disorder in Men

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder in Men.

Borderline personality disorder or BPD is mostly known to occur among women and rarely seen in men. It is a disorder that characterizes high emotionality, sensitivity and unstable patterns of relationships.

Men express BPD symptoms differently from women, this is one of the reasons it gets misunderstood. It has been suggested by studies that women suffering from BPD tend to show symptoms such as mood fluctuations, feelings of emptiness and problems in interpersonal relationships. Whereas men suffering with BPD tend to show impulsivity, tend to be self destructive and are likely to abuse drugs.

It is seen that men expressing symptoms of BPD are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed as some other mental illness such as oppositional defiant disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. In order to help an individual overcome BPD it is essential to correctly identify the illness. Since BPD is expressed differently among men, specific symptoms shown by men have to be known. The following can be considered warning signs in case of BPD in men:

  • Numerous intimate relationships: Men suffering from BPD usually tend to have multiple partners. They also tend to be hesitant to commit due to the fear of being abandoned. They may appear to be argumentative, physically aggressive and show quick temper in order to scare their partners away. Men with BPD tend to get into romantic relationship too fast and are also know to get out of them equally fast.
  • Dramatic attitudes and behaviour: Society assumes that women are more dramatic as they tend to be emotional. Men with BPD also tend to be dramatic but they display it in a different manner. They could appear to like and confined on one person and later reject the same person.
  • Unstable thoughts, emotions and behaviours: Men suffering from BPD may appear to be “hot at one time and “cold” in the other. They may change their perspectives quickly appearing to be hostile and angry towards others. The change in their behaviour and emotions are too sudden and quick that they may appear like a totally different person.
  • Polarized interactions with others: Men with BPD tend to have difficulty in interpreting other’s opinions, emotions and non verbal cues. As a result, they may have polarized behaviour when interacting with others. For instance, a man may misinterpret his wife’s behaviour towards other men and act distant to her. After a while that same husband may act too friendly and intimate towards the wife, as if nothing ever happened.
  • Suicidal and attention seeking behaviour: In BPD, the symptoms are so intense that they cause great pain to the individual. Suicidal tendencies are the result of these pains. They also seek attention and even negative attention is fine with them. They may harm themselves or threat others to achieve it.
  • Likely to engage in risky behaviours: Men suffering with BPD are likely to engage in risky lifestyles. Such as unprotected sex, multiple partners, drug abuse, sexually obsessive, obsession with pornography, substance addiction and violent behaviour.

Although expressed differently and rarely, BPD can occur among men. If you know someone showing the above warning signs of BPD, professional intervention can be suggested. There are quite a few psychotherapies and medication that can help in the treatment of BPD. For treatment of borderline personality disorder in men, call us now on +919611194949.

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