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Why People Commit Suicide? Here are the Causes of Suicide to know.

Why People Commit Suicide? Here are the Causes of Suicide to know.

‘He is said to have hanged himself in his room. The incident came to light at around 10.30 am when his parents knocked at his room and got no response. The reason for taking the extreme step is not yet known.’ How many times have we seen such headlines but left them unheeded thinking that it does not involve us or our kith and kin? But who knows someone in our own circle may be thinking of committing suicide. Why do people commit suicide and what are the causes of suicide? Read to know why people take this extreme step.

What are the Leading Causes of Suicide?

It is estimated that India alone contributes to about more than 10% of the suicide deaths in the world. Majority of the people who commit suicide are men and in the younger age groups.

Despite the gravity of the problem, information about the causes of suicide and risk factors are insufficient. After making careful observations, we have found a number of different causes of suicide as to why someone does it.

Some of the most common causes of suicide are as follows:
Discord in the family
Having an abusive relationship
Using drugs
Abusing alcohol
Having feelings of guilt and anger
Suffering from some physical or mental ailment
Performing poorly at school or workplace
Sibling rivalry
Having a history of suicide in the immediate family or friend circle
Grief over the loss of a loved one
Unable to handle problems in life because of depression.

Often times, suicide comes mainly from depression. You see, many people commit suicide because of depression. They feel as if life is too much for them to handle. They feel as if they cannot look past those negative life experiences.

Causes of Suicide

In nearly 90 percent of cases, people who are close to the teen will get a clear warning sign that the teen is contemplating suicide. The chances of committing suicide increases with the number of attempts a teenager makes. And, above all, teenage suicides can be prevented by ensuring proper communication and therapy. There are a few risk factors that can lead to suicide.

  • Previous suicide attempts
  • History of substance abuse
  • History of mental health condition
  • Physical disability or illness
  • Losing a friend or a family member to suicide
  • Ongoing exposure to bullying behavior
  • The recent death of a family member or a loved one
  • Relationship problems.

Suicide Prevention: How to stop someone from Suiciding?

Family and friends are the ones who need to look for signs of suicide and they should be able to differentiate them from the usual thread. If the family member feels that their loved one is depressed and suffering from a feeling of worthlessness, they should take it seriously and seek professional help immediately. The person should not be left alone and the family people should try to encourage him or her to open up and speak about what they are feeling. Be supportive and help your loved one overcome depression and feelings they are undergoing.

Causes of Suicide

If you have someone in your life who you think is constantly sad, then you need to speak with them and try your hardest to bring their spirits up. No matter what, no matter how much anger you have towards them, you should not yell at them as this will push them one step towards death.

When someone commits suicide, they obviously have a loss of hope. If you know someone who is feeling suicidal then check out how to help them deal with suicidal thoughts and save a life. Feel free to contact us at 9611194949 to know more information about causes of suicide in teens and how can we prevent suicide. Visit Cadabam’s today.