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What do Panic Attacks feel like?

What do Panic Attacks feel like?

Panic Attacks

What do Panic Attacks feel like?

Is this real or is it just happening inside my head?  I encountered with my first panic attack five months ago. It was for the first time when I felt an extreme sense of fear while I was in the office busy preparing for an important presentation. It felt like the room was spinning and I was at once like unable to breathe because I experienced as if my heart was throbbing out of my chest and a feeling of dying. I was intensely shaken after that episode.


After that day, I again had a panic attack about three weeks later, and from then on it was eventuating with an increasing rate of occurrence. I never knew when I  would suffer a panic attack again. Therefore, I was left at home after my office, rather than enjoying with my friends as I feared of having an attack in general community.


Many times, I managed to cope up with my work but was withdrawing from my daily activities to avoid the panic attack. I realized that these attacks were worsening my life slowly.


By now, you might have got a picture of how and what is a panic attack like? Yes, a  panic attack is like an unexpected surge of sweeping fear and anxiety. During a panic attack, some people might face a single event or even two, while few of them experience severe fear and worry that leads to a full-blown panic disorder.


Panic Attacks leads to Panic Disorders in Brain. How?


What do you think might be the link between the brain and a panic attack? Generally, the terms paranoia, anxiety, depression mainly relate to the brain and, so is the panic attack and a panic disorder too. A repeated panic attack often leads to panic disorder, as a part which basically stems from an abnormal task within the clusters of the nerves present inside the brain of the human body.


Thus a person preoccupied with panic attack feels a unique kind of stress and a fear which shakes his/her mind or the brain and that happens when they come across something that is unknown or uncomfortable. These attacks usually occur without a warning and crash down like an avalanche.


A panic attack might be a one-time happening, but some people experience repeat events. These attacks are sometimes activated by a particular situation, like speaking in public or crossing a bridge, driving the car- mainly if that specific situation has occurred before.


These attacks frequently strike when you are away from your home, yet these happen at anytime and anywhere.


Panic attacks, if left untreated would impact one’s personal life, professional life and even his/her daily activities would be effected. Hence the sooner you look for a cure, the better you will feel.


Panic attacks are curable. There are a number of treatment options available for curing the panic attacks or disorders. To help recover your loved one from panic attacks and to gain control over their life, reach out to us now @+919611194949.

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