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Psychological trick to lose weight

Psychological trick to lose weight

This psychological trick doesn’t need you to diet, no need to exercise, no need to subdue the craving. All it needs you to do is being attentive of how you eat. Confused? Well this is called Mindful Eating. You must have hm2eard about mindfulness earlier. Mindfulness is all about being aware of your surroundings and being in the present moment. Now lets apply the same to eating.

Mindful Eating needs you to just do one thing at a time. Which means, while you are eating, you are ONLY eating. No checks mails, no messages, no facebook, no television, no meeting – Just eat. The trick is to being more attentive of how you eat. Mindful eating helps you not only to lose weight but to also eat healthy. It helps you to enjoy and savour what you eat. Practicing mindful eating when you are calm helps you imbibe mindful eating across all situations. And also prevents you from emotional eating.

Let us look at some of mindless eating habits that we follow. Sitting on the couch while you are engrossed in watching your favorite movie or tv series and munchin away food. Sitting at your desk at your workplace, checking mails, planning your work schedule and your presentation. These are some of the mindless eating habits.

Here are five simple things for you to follow to engage in mindful eating:

  1. Sit while you eat: Sitting down and eating helps you not to get distracted and helps you pay all the attention on the food
  2. Eat slowly: Try not to rush through your meal. Eat each bite slowly. Another way of doing this is by using your non-dominant for eating. For instance, you eat with your right hand, try and eat with you left hand or vice versa. Research has shown that this will help you eat 30% lesser. Another research also shows that you tend you mirror the pace of eating of another person you are eating with
  3. Savour your food: Savour each bite of food that you eat rather than engaging in zombie eating. Zombie eating is not realizing what you ate and how much you ate. Savouring your food is all about taking mindful bites. Research indicates that the first bite is actually the most flavourful. So if your first bite is a mindful, it will take you a long way
  4. Place healthy foods in sight: Mind follows the policy of out of mind out of sight. Avoid keeping food is transparent, fancy, in-reach bottles or boxes. Rather keep healthy foods in reach and in a way you see you more often. For instance, keep a bowl of fresh fruits near your couch where you watch tv or at your workplace desk
  5. Smile between your meals: This might sound funny. But you have to try it to know it. Smile between each bite; doing this it gives you a mindful pause to tune into each bite


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