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Panic Attack Treatments

Panic Attack Treatments

Panic Attack

Stop running to find a safe place. Are you encountering panic attack? Then here is the solution.


All of the sudden huge waves of tremendous fear with heart pounding, chest pain and hard breathing. You don’t have to suffer with these symptoms, all you have to do is to get the right treatment.


There are a variety of treatment options available. However, the treatment for each person and which of it works for you varies. Medication is used for prevention, immediate alleviation of symptoms and is the first line of treatment. Apart from that, there are various psychotherapy techniques that help cope with panic attacks without medication. Some of them are cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, meditation and biofeedback training are often used to help relax the body and relieve anxiety.


Cognitive behavioral therapy:

This is the most widely and commonly used evidence-based practice technique in the psychology field. CBT processed by the combination of two basic principles, behavioral and cognitive psychology. The victim’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are targeted and completely studied to find the root cause of the disorder and will be addressed by the professionals.


Exposure Therapy:

This type specifically deals with the situation which triggers the victim to undergo panic attack. Therapist works with the client to determine the triggering factor and make him to understand his errors and gradually dissolving it.



Acceptance and commitment therapy:

This therapy is typically pronounced as ACT. It differs from other traditional therapies because of its method. Instead of teaching the victim to be in better control of feelings, attitude, memory and other private events. The individual is very much aware of the situation which makes them anxiety and therapist train them to nullify the negative thought which haunts them in their day to day life.



With the help of biofeedback technique, the individual can figure out how to control the body’s function. The electrical sensors get the feedback when it connected with the body. For example, using biofeedback an individual can relax certain muscle or even reduce the pain of certain muscle. Using this therapy the victim can often improve the health condition and physical performance.


Stress and relaxation techniques:

The victim’s body internally and externally responds to the panic attack provoking thoughts. This frequent muscle tension makes the body feel crank, fatigue and muscle pain. To overcome this issue therapist use stress and relaxation techniques. In this, the situation which triggers the panic attack is simulated artificially and comforts the individual to manage the stress level and emotions. Some of the benefits of stress and relaxation techniques are feeling calm, reduced muscle tension, lowered blood pressure/heart rate and sleeping better.



“Take a deep breathe and relax” we all heard this quote in our stressful times. Yoga is the root of this quote. It is a combination of physical poses, breathing, meditation, breathing exercise which helps the mind and body to relax. It also teaches us to surrender and accept the situation which helps keeps panic attack and anxiety at low key.


Pharmacological therapy:

A mechanism of action using the benefits of the drug involves the use of medications, either alone or combined with other types of therapy which suits the individual for making their symptoms neutral. And make them feel comfortable.


So what do you think about panic attack now? It can’t be considered lightly right. You might be reading this article for your loving friend or family member. They need your help now, just temporary solutions can help a bit that’s all. Let them lead a quality life without anxiety, fear and social isolation. Pick up the phone now, here is the number. Just dial +91 96111 94949 or visit www.cadabams.org


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