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Newton & his untold story with Bipolar

Newton & his untold story with Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder

Can creativity and mental illness co-exist in the same person?

Probably 99% of people might disagree. But a legend who made it conceivable and fruitful for the duration of his life battling with bipolar disorder, guess who?

The man who proposed “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction“. Yes, it’s Sir Isaac Newton.

The man who spun the wheel of scientific revolution with his bare hands – Sir Isaac Newton the most influential scientists of all time and an English physicist and mathematician who is known for his inventions and discoveries like Newton’s third law of motion, Newton’s law of gravity, analytical calculus, discovery of optics, reflecting telescope and much more.


Early life:

Newton was born in the English county of Lincolnshire on 4th January 1643. His childhood did not make it to a note as it was not a pleasing experience as everyone had their own 1001 reasons to avoid him. Newton’s biography itself looks like symptoms of disorders, by going through the full episodes of biography it seems he had suffered mood swings most of his life.

Well, not taking that into account he moved on with his cranky ideas growing older along with him. He came to this belief that trusts and beliefs won’t help hands when he lost his father before he born and his mother left him, infant and married her new husband Barnabas Smith. This early experience of the damage and disloyalty. He won’t engage in games with the classmates rather will spend time all alone by building miniature mills, machines, and other inventions.


“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

                                                                        —Letter to Robert Hooke

                                                                    The Correspondence of Isaac Newton,

                                                                       1, 1661-1675 (1959), Vol. 1, 416.

Middle years:

The never ending chapter of his bipolar made him more intense with remorse and regret. Newton had run-down of wrongdoing practices. His violent temper made him unpopular at that period of time and his companions and the servants rejoiced when he use to leave his home for Cambridge.

At Cambridge, Newton made just a single companion that’s Nicolas Fatio de Duillier his fellow student. In his biography, he archived that Newton had mood swings from high mania, fear, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a lower opinion of himself. “observing him closely I found he had severe manic episodes, often neglecting to rest and eat.

These events were regularly followed by lower depression collapses, he uses to get peak high rage when experience criticism of his work”.

Newton always stays away from the company of others, when it comes to interaction with people, all his words would be 120 words maximum lesser than like tweets it seems. The relationship he maintained were tyrannical also he would refuse to speak to those who contradict or disagree with him.


Confession of demigod:

At the state of depression, Newton hallucinated and had a brief session with absent people. Newton became preoccupied with faith and engaged himself in the alchemy (point of transformation). He immersed 25 years in the thought of alchemy in private, he started searching the mysterious elixirs in the dark hallucinations and wrote thousands of research papers on the subjects.


“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”                                                                                                                 —’Fragments from a Treatise Revelation”

Like many individuals with bipolar disorder, Newton decorated and developed his grandiose delusions.he wrote that “I was delegated by God to convey reality to the world”

When he started to reveal all the hidden scientific truth from the 40-gram cerebrum amid during his lifetime have raised him to demigod state. Yet, nobody knew about the price he paid for it. He encountered immense pain and torment due to his bipolar disorder.


The cure is here:

The people who think they lost everything because of their bipolar disorder, that might be you or your adored one, keep in mind life always gives yourself a second chance. There is light at the end of every tunnel so keep your feet moving and you will find the ray of hope. For bipolar related queries and treatments reach us at +91 96111 94949  


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