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How To Stop Panic Attack

How To Stop Panic Attack

Panic Attacks

How To Stop Panic Attack?

Dying on EMI basis?


In the spur of a moment suddenly thinking of losing control, having a heart attack or even dying. No clue of what’s happening in and around? That could be a panic attack.

Yes! A panic attack is a sudden impact of intense fear that creates severe physical reactions in the body when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Concurrently victims might suffer from symptoms such as excessive sweating, shaking, muscle contractions, sleepless, feeling exhausted, breathing difficulty, high heart rate.


What happens before a panic attack?


Once a victim notices the initial symptoms conveying that, an attack is on the way. Making attempts to escape or planning to run to a safe place will not help. As a result, the victim might be overwhelmed. This wrong information generates more adrenaline and makes the matter bad to worse. By deciding to remain calm and giving yourself a powerful message, that I might be safer if I don’t run. This also prevents victim’s muscles responding with a further increase in tension, which happens if you are physically running, pacing around or restlessly fidget.


What happens while having a panic attack?


Once panic has driven it won’t finish until the molecules of the chemicals have left the victim’s bloodstream. This obviously takes time, just like an alcohol hangover to clear out of the system. So victim has to adjust the time to elapse and allow the concentration of molecules to dissipate eventually. Floating with the ‘wave of molecules’ as it washes over with whatever physical reactions inside the body have, the system should allow it to spend itself more quickly because the victim is not going to create it anymore. Preparing a mindset or statement of acceptance such as all the sensations you feel now will pass. I can allow this to wash over me.


After the traumatic panic attack:


Most victims have their own particular individual techniques for quieting themselves. However, a large portion of those are with the expectation of fighting off an assault so that ‘critical outcomes’ won’t come about. Most ideal way is unwinding in a hot shower, setting a frosty towel over face if it’s sweat-soaked, tuning into melody and slow beat music, taking a walk or in some way using your limbs as a method of ‘grounding’ your energy if you’re feeling spaced out.


Here is what you can do:


  1. Listening to music: The biggest relief is not to thinking about the panic attack situation. This can be possible by listening to your favorite songs.


  1. Learn deep breathing: Mouth breathing (Shallow breathing) the root cause hyperventilation, however deep breathing backs off the panic attack. Figure out how to practice deep breathing.


  1. Don’t believe everything you think: Don’t think or believe too much about the symptoms and its effects. It’s going to increases the symptoms. So stop imagining.


  1. Understand the anatomy: Realizing complete structure of a panic attack (physiological, psychological, and emotional components) might help you to overcome the fear and overwhelmed situation.



  1. Practice positive self-talk: to overcome this have to switch your thoughts from panic attack by reading “am ok, nothing going to happen” or “I love my family” (write in a paper and keep in pocket always).


This may work for a short period of time, but for the long-run the victim needs to participate in recovery programs which will be useful. From round the clock, medical professionals accessible for help and tailor-made treatment programs available as per the severity of the illness, recovery gives people ability to lead a quality life. For more information related to panic attacks and more, visit www.cadabams.org or call us at  +919611194949.




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