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Dr. B. R. Madhukar


Dr. Madhukar needs no introduction. A seasoned campaigner in psychiatry and Substance use and dependence behaviour over the last 23 years has as his chosen field of specialization: Substance use and dependence , Geriatric Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry
From as an early student of psychiatry Dr. Madhukar has often seen people, young and old alike, give-in to street and prescription drugs and ruin a perfectly normal life. Some others have started as social drinkers and succumbed to their Substance use and dependence. With this belief system he set out curing them. This has been his passion as he can get them back to the mainstream of society and productivity. As he grew in his stature he turned to the aging. He observed that age also causes mental duress leading to many psychiatric hurdles. More strikingly he saw the elderly finally being abandoned by their loved ones, which is sad. He feels deeply in caring for them. He has thus evolved his core practice revolving around adult psychiatry where he treats conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar affective disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. He humbly submits that he has had good success with his patients during his tenure in India and Europe. Managing a psychiatric facility is also something he takes joy in by coordinating and ensuring proper intervention from clinical psychologists, therapists and management. In this he brings his exposure that he has had in various hospitals as a consult and his appointment to positions in the Karnataka chapter of the Indian Psychiatry Society.
“Few words of wisdom make Dr. Madhukar what he is today” says the Indian world of health.
Dr. Madhukar has been the past Secretary of Indian Psychiatric Society (Karnataka State) and served on its Executive Board. He is currently the Chief of Psychiatric Services at Cadabam’s Group.

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