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Cosmetic Surgery Disorder

Cosmetic Surgery Disorder


Cosmetic Surgery Disorder.

Have you heard of the people who are constantly unhappy with their appearance? Have you come across someone who always tries to find some or the other fault with their eyes, ears, nose, face or be it anything that is relating to their body? Yes, sometimes people fret about their imperfections!


And, when these feelings within a person become time-consuming and interfere with their daily activities, it leads to cosmetic surgery disorder. It stems from Body Dysmorphic disorder. As a result of this, people are prone to plastic surgeries, in order to improve the appearance.


In this condition, a person is taken up with a self-imagined minor or physical defect, which is only the perception of the person. If such people spend all their time and energy on thinking about their appearance the whole day, they are likely to develop various health problems such as emotional distress, depression, anxiety, etc. Below listed are some of the indications and symptoms of Cosmetic surgery addiction.


Symptoms of Cosmetic Surgery Disorder


  • Frequent thinking about their appearance at least for one hour in a day.
  • They undergo frequent plastic surgeries, which in some cases might be even unnecessary.
  • These people are ‘homesick’. They do not leave their house, thinking others might comment over their flaws.
  • They constantly seek reassurance from other people about their appearance.
  • Frequently looking in the mirrors, changing dresses, etc.
  • They plan frequent appointments with the surgeons and medical professionals.
  • These people avoid social interactions.
  • They develop emotional distress and problems along with some of the other conditions such as anxiety, depression, low self- confidence, etc.


Cosmetic Surgery Disorder Treatment


A majority of the individuals think they have actual irregularities that can be examined by surgeries. They try to fix these defects rather than seeking medical or psychological help. Here are few treatment methods that could help your loved one in getting rid of this behavioral addiction.


  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps the person suffering from Cosmetic Surgery Disorder in recognizing the irrational thoughts and as well as the change in the patterns of negative thinking. They learn to identify the unhealthy ways of behaving and thinking so that they can replace it with the positive thinking.


  • The antidepressant medication includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or in simple SSRI’s. These medications help the person to get relief from the compulsive and obsessive signs of Cosmetic Surgery Disorder.


For an appropriate and accurate diagnosis of Cosmetic Surgery Disorder, the treatment methods are customized to every patient. A person preoccupied with his/her appearance that interferes with their daily activities and functions can lead to their health destruction not only physically, but mentally as well. In these cases, it is advisable to get your loved one diagnosed from a medical health professional.


Get to know more about the health effects of Cosmetic Surgery addiction and seek medical guidance from our health professionals on the treatments options for the same, call us @+919611194949.



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