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Binge Drinking Effects

Binge Drinking Effects

Alcohol Addiction

Binge Drinking Effects

Do you know 70 percent of the youths in the India are binge drinkers? Yes, being one among those people, Rajiv says “To be honest, I find it harder to control the desire to binge drink. I feel displeased with myself and I am even not sure if I can come out of this behavior.”


Binge drinking refers to a practice of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short duration of time or in simple ‘drinking to get drunk’. Binge drinking or abusing alcohol over long periods of time leads to serious health complications. Alcohol abuse even harms an individual in terms of crime, violence, accidents, etc.


Why do people Binge Drink?


Research studies show that there is a gradual increase in the number of binge drinkers every year. But, what makes a person to binge drink? Upon being asked for the reason, some say they do it to forget problems and some for socializing or fun, while others say for rebelling and to test tolerance. Many of them aren’t aware that they are digging their own graves in this enigma. Binge drinking not only has short-term effects but also has long-term effects on the person.


Effects of Binge Drinking


The effects of binge drinking depend on the quantity of alcohol person consumes, body weight, medical history of the person and how fast the person drinks. The effects include-


  • It causes serious mental illnesses
  • Feeling of nausea and memory loss
  • It leads to heart problems and neurological disorders
  • A significant injury to the liver and brain
  • It leads to psychological and physical dependence on alcohol
  • People develop stress, depression, anxiety, thus causing insomnia
  • It leads to sexual dysfunction
  • The immune system gets weakened
  • Increase in the risk of cancers of the throat, mouth, oesophagus, etc.


Prevention plays an important role in decreasing the number of binge drinkers. Knowing the harmful effects of drinking and seeking immediate help for the same would be the first step to recovery.

To cut down alcoholism is not a difficult task. A good support and guidance from your family or your friends might help you out in getting rid of alcohol addiction. In worst cases, you may rely on support groups, medical counseling, and psychological help. You can also go through alcohol treatment methods and medications to get out of this maze.


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