A research journal published by  Hindawi says- The most common factor that generates alcohol addiction is depression. The individual who encounters depression often moves to alcohol abuse. Over the time the bond between depression and alcohol enhances to be an inseparable unit. Eventually, the individual becomes addicted. You might think it will ease the pain, […]

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My OCD Valentine

Am Geetha (name changed), a homemaker, mother of 2 children and wife of OCD survivor. On reading this you might have thought “how she could tell, her husband is an OCD”. this is the problem with our country and the same factor is the reason behind the lack of awareness. A straight and bold answer […]

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Foods for Reducing Alcohol Cra...

Alcohol addiction one of the most common mental health disorder in urban as well as rural areas. The journey towards quitting alcohol requires strength and resilience, right from the initial decision to quit and throughout the whole process. It is not only the nature of the addiction that makes the journey harder but also the […]

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What happens in your Brain dur...

Depression is a serious mental condition affecting the individual’s mood, feelings, thoughts and well being. They have changed their patterns of appetite and sleep. They would be unable to experience in pleasure in any activities and would possess a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. These are all the observable changes in an individual with clinical […]

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Effective Ways to Reduce Your ...

Effective ways to reduce your alcohol consumption– Studies have always proven and doctors have always advocated that by reducing alcohol content you could live a long and a healthy life. But for a lot of us that it is a hard thing to achieve and on contrary we tend to consume large amounts of alcohol. […]

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Self help does not work in Addiction Recovery


A habit takes quite some time to turn into an addiction, thus even the realization of the addiction also takes quite some time. When a disorder takes years to develop, then the recovery from it also takes an equal amount of effort and perseverance. But only one’s effort and perseverance is not enough to overcome the addiction problems. There are a lot more factors that play a role and are essential in the journey of recovery.

Some may believe that self-help (only) can be enough for recovery but that is not entirely true for the following reasons:

  • The right mindset: An addict’s mind is usually not flexible and a major part of their thought process is about the addictive behavior. For some time they might feel they can do it on their own but there is also the chance of being tempted. Also, these individuals tend to be very impulsive and there are chances of them relapsing when the cravings and withdrawal symptoms are strong. In a rehabilitation center, the individual is provided with techniques which enable them to train their mind to cope with these withdrawal symptoms.
  • Support system: When using self-help techniques only, the individual is only working with themselves. Others may or may not know of their progress, if no, there is no one to appreciate and give reinforcement for their behavior. To recover from any kind of mental illness social support is one of the major essential factors. In a rehab, one of the aims is to build a support system for the individual. They are also made to interact with the inmates and share their experiences so that they support and appreciate each other. The whole aim is to enable the individual to connect appropriately with other so that they reconnect back to the society.
  • Professional help: Recovery is not just a mental thing, it also involves physical factors. When you stop consuming alcohol, your body reacts to this change and if these changes are severe you need a physician’s help. If your hormones go out of control due to these changes you need a psychiatrist’s help, the same applies to impulsivity and distorted thoughts, you need a professional help. A rehab program provides you a multidisciplinary team that would address your mental as well as physical needs.
  • Motivation: While using self-help if the motivation goes down due to impulsivity or a criticism, there is only the self to provide it. A rehab program makes sure that you get motivation in each step of the program. They also involve the family members if required.

This is why it is important to seek help from support groups or a rehabilitation center. Rehabs provide all the things that will be necessary for a person to come out of his/her addiction behaviors. It is not that self-help completely useless but only, individually, using it might not show the expected progress. Self-help is essential for recovery but just as a part of the whole recovery process.

Get into the right rehab today for addiction recovery. Do not battle alone with addiction, get the right form of safe and secure professional treatment for addiction issues. If you are deciding to get a rehab for your loved one, then visit to know about the most effective treatment facilities to treat addiction or you can also call us @+91 96111 94949 to book an appointment right away with one of our best addiction counselors who can in better way help to diagnose the cause of your addiction and provide the right treatment program that is needed to overcome the problem.


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