Being Alcoholic

Being Alcoholic- Ram (name changed) illustrates how his life became rusty after he started consuming alcohol. I used to be a good husband and a good dad earlier, but everything went wrong due to my alcohol addiction. If you ask anyone about me they would say “he is a nice & easy going guy”. Yes, […]

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Impact of Mental Health Proble...

Schizophrenia is one of the paradigmatic mental health problems of psychiatry. It is a clinical syndrome of variables but profoundly disruptive psychopathology, which involves thought perceptions, emotions, movements, and behaviors. The expression of these schizophrenia symptoms varies across patients and over time, but the cumulative effect of the illness is always severe and usually long-lasting. […]

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A research journal published by  Hindawi says- The most common factor that generates alcohol addiction is depression. The individual who encounters depression often moves to alcohol abuse. Over the time the bond between depression and alcohol enhances to be an inseparable unit. Eventually, the individual becomes addicted. You might think it will ease the pain, […]

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My OCD Valentine

Am Geetha (name changed), a homemaker, mother of 2 children and wife of OCD survivor. On reading this you might have thought “how she could tell, her husband is an OCD”. this is the problem with our country and the same factor is the reason behind the lack of awareness. A straight and bold answer […]

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Foods for Reducing Alcohol Cra...

Alcohol addiction one of the most common mental health disorder in urban as well as rural areas. The journey towards quitting alcohol requires strength and resilience, right from the initial decision to quit and throughout the whole process. It is not only the nature of the addiction that makes the journey harder but also the […]

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Rehabilitation Centres for Addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation centers offer many forms of treatment to assist successful ongoing reco very for drug addicts, like outpatient or inpatient treatment, day-care programmes, residential rehabilitation ( drug rehab ), detox facilities, dry houses and sober living homes.

Detox facilities are a very early step in seeking help with a drug addiction problem and again must be staffed by qualified professionals. These will be staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with plenty of supervision for the detoxification process to be successful.

A residential addiction treatment center is probably the most effective for addicts in need of intensive focused help with their addictions. This will give them qualified professionals to assist in any difficulties all day long with the programme.

Outpatient help can help those addicts who may not be able to enter residential and may be able to start the process of change with counselling sessions and a small amount of group work each week. A qualified professional would need to make this assessment, not the addict themself as they may believe things are not that bad when in fact they need to be in residential rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Dry houses, sober living homes or sober houses are ideal for aftercare once a residential programme is finished. Those who have been in ongoing recovery before also use these if they have relapsed. Sometimes a place in a sober house or sober living home for a few months is enough for an addict to get back on the road for ongoing recovery if the relapse has been arrested early enough.

The sober house, sober living home experience helps the addict return to being a productive member of society while receiving support evry step of the way. While residing in such a property the client is encouraged to seek voluntary work or able employment, attend regular 12 step self help meetings, engage with a sponsor and work the 12 step program. This is also an ideal time to face past consequences outstanding warrents and fines etc, again while being supported by professionals in this field as well as the peers every step of the way.

These are obviously very brief descriptions and not every facility is exactly the same and not every drug addict needs whats on offer. Do remember to ask as many questions as you need answering prior to making a decision on which sort of drug rehab is best suitable to you.

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