Effects Of Alcoholism In Youth

Alcoholism is medically diagnosed as a disease that exhibits itself in the individual’s frequent use of alcohol irrespective of its negative consequences. Death due to alcohol abuse is over 100,000 and is in an ever-increasing state; from accidents to organ failures the effect is far and reaching. Alcohol consumption affects the individual both mentally and […]

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Alcoholism: When can suddenly ...

You went out last night. Did you had a drink. You feel like you’ve been drinking too much and you want to stop so you stop. Most people feel like that after a lot of occasional drinking. However, social or occasional infrequent drinking is not alcoholism. Suddenly stopping drinking can be a bad idea. If you […]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatment...

Mrs. S’s 70-year-old husband forgot to pick the grandkids from school today. She did notice something has been up with him lately but just couldn’t understand what. Is old age catching up to him? He never remembers anything she tells him to do these days. Sometimes he has difficulty remembering names of some family members. […]

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10 Signs You May Have Obsessiv...

As per WHO (World Health Organisation), About 2% of the world’s population suffer from OCD which is roughly 1 in 50 people. OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is a type of anxiety disorder that causes obsessive and compulsive thoughts to a person. This article highlights the various types of symptoms that are associated with OCD. Listed below […]

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How to Stop Porn Addiction?

As most of us realize there is a great and lot deal of porn floating around the web these days. With porn so easy to come by it, there is also a little surprising fact that porn addiction is on the rise and no wonder how it is fueled. Many people will and may be […]

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What is a Drug Rehab like?

Drug Rehab

Choosing the best drug rehab for your spouse/ child or loved one for alcoholism, substance/ addiction, and behavioral addiction issues could be a task. With a vast variety of institutes and their respected information available nowadays on the Internet, it should be easy enough to pick about any rehab. But in actuality, it is a very important decision to make and one must take time and consider options. Being able to find a rehab who’s addiction recovery program encompasses one’s individual preferences and circumstance is a crucial understanding as this further helps the likelihood to have a more productive rehab experience.

What are Drug rehab or drug de addiction treatment programs?

Residential addiction treatment program requires individuals with addiction to live at the rehab center for the duration of the treatment process. Recovery addicts stay there for a period of time and are encouraged to focus on their recovery. The success rates at residential facilities are quite promising. Most programs cater to specific needs of the patients from adjusting treatment to catering to the needs at any point in the recovery. Life skills course, counseling sessions, group therapy, and other recreational activities are included. Several residential drug rehab programs are included from holistic programs to gender-specific programs, teen rehab programs and even religious and philosophical programs are also catered to.

Things to remember before choosing a Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Here are a few things that you must ask yourself before you choose a rehab:

  • What are the goals of the program?

Different programs expect different results. Some programs consider a person who keeps attending meetings and having medications. While others consider an individual completing their 30-day program is a success. Hence making sure that the goals of the program are in sync with the service that you expect.

  • What kind of result expectation do you have from a Rehabilitation?

You must check and make sure that the service you receive is the one you came for. Have a consultation with the counselor or psychiatrist or psychologist and make sure that the program meets your goals.  An important way of knowing this is by asking a rehab program how they measure the success of the patient and what that success rate is?

  • Is the program a short-term or long-term one?

A short-term program is the one that focuses on detoxification and can only help the individual through the withdrawal, people who have responsibilities at home and whose family members can keep them only for 30 days opt for the short-term one. The long-term program is the one that focuses on detoxification, which is a dedication comprehensive program that is for 3 months or more.

  • How is the quality of the program with respect to hygiene and cleanliness?

One must make sure if the program offers good quality of hygiene and cleanliness as this is essential for the better treatment of the patient’s recovery to sobriety.

  • Does the Rehab promise instant cure or something else that seems unrealistic?

Rehab programs that assure instant cure, you must reconsider. As there is no such thing. Hence it is important to make sure that you educate yourself before their ‘promised’ way of treatment.

  • Does the rehab have certified medical staff at all times?

It is extremely important to have certified medical staff trained in rehab care and if are available at all times, around the clock.

  • Do they have well-qualified nurses?

Ask the program if the nurses are certified in rehabilitation nursing.

  • Does the program have patient care, coordinator?

Ask if the program offers care coordinators, who could help coordinate services needed at home and with insurance benefits.

Check or ask for the institute if or not they are licensed or accredited.
In India, the accreditation or the certification process for rehabilitation program is generated from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

  • How the program plans on with the treatment of addiction?

Ask the program of their treatment plans and how will they go about with the procedure. Mostly the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and the counselor play an interactive role in deciding the treatment plan.

  • Does the program teach the individual life skills to support sober life?

Life skills teaching is extremely important as the individual might feel good as they leave a rehab program, but they might get tempted to use drugs or alcohol again. Poor coping styles as a result of stress would encourage them to succumb to old habits. Hence it would extremely helpful if the program could include teaching the individual life skills to support sober life

More about Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Ask if the program caters to outpatient therapy and home care for recovered individuals. This may help them manage sobriety and prevent relapse into alcohol or drug addiction.

Getting admitted in a drug rehabilitation program that has the entire medical staff helping and facilitating the individual undergoing a treatment is extremely essential as one is expected to stay in a rehab facility and hence the staff of the program then acts as an active support group for the individual. So making sure that you or your loved one is in good hands with respect to facilitation is extremely important.

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