What Does Bipolar Feel Like?

Sajan 25, “Often, I was preoccupied with suicidal thoughts.” Am not sure of what am going through the early stage. I feel like crying for no reason, always worried about future events and make myself comfortable in my own spaces. Gradually, these behaviours became an ideal zone for me. Doing daily activities such as getting […]

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Marijuana Addiction- Can you g...

Marijuana/ pot has been around for a very long time, from the ancient world through our modern period the cannabis plant has played a major role in legal and illegal drug-taking behaviors in people. Is marijuana addiction real or Can you get addicted to pot though? With all this data from thousands of years of […]

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This is Why Marijuana should n...

The fact that Marijuana is a highly addictive drug will remain as it is not only toxic for the brain but also the entire health, in fact, producing a dependence. It is considered to be a gateway drug. Do you know the legalization of marijuana recently in places such as Amsterdam, Canada has led to […]

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Rehab for Bipolar

Bipolar is a chronic illness, meaning it is a lifelong condition. It is a debilitating disorder affecting all the areas of life that include energy level, mood, behaviors, and attention. While there is no cure for this devastating illness, the symptoms can be treated and managed easily. Remember, the earlier you seek a treatment for […]

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Can Bipolar be Treated? Best B...

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is characterized by alternating manic/hypomanic episodes and depressive episodes. Earlier it was known as manic depression. The condition can cause your moods to swing from one extreme to another. Unlike normal mood swings, these changes in mood can persist for longer periods of time. Sometimes each phase could […]

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Sobriety can feel like”Slowbriety” when Getting Sober

Getting Sober

Congratulations to you have made the most difficult decision of your life: the decision to getting sober.

Addiction sneaks up on us very slowly, and sooner or later it grabs us and takes control of our lives. If this has happened to you, then what we need to do is to take a good look at ourselves and try to figure out our game plan, and in order to reverse this addiction.It is going to take some time to do so. This too will be a slow process, but it can be done. It will not happen overnight, just as the addictions we have did not happen overnight. That is why sobriety can feel like “slowbriety”. It is said because slowbriety is the slow process of recovery, but remember its results are always fruitful; it does all the help to you for getting sober and gives you a Sober Identity.

Here are some important things to help you in getting sober from alcohol addiction.

5 Things to keep in mind for getting sober from Alcohol

Getting Sober

Getting sober from drugs or alcohol addiction will take time, and a lot of willpower, inner Strength, possibly help from the outside world, love and support from our families and friends, and a positive attitude. Along with these, here are few important things for staying sober-

  • Start with the right-

Try to decide how you are going to head back up the path from where you began, and think of what you want out of your life. Think of your dreams you want to fulfill in your lifetime. When you have come up with the answers this is when you make the move to Go Sober.

  • Be positive-

Preparing your mind and starting with a positive attitude will indeed help you to begin your road to Recovery.

  • Have patience –

Be patient with yourself and don’t get disgusted.

  • Have an inventory plan-

Make an inventory of actions you associate with drinking. But, after you finalize your inventory, now, try not to do those activities you associate with alcohol, or to replace smoking with anything else.

  • Quitting addiction will not happen overnight-

When you have decided that you will give up smoking, it is not that you will stop it completely in a day’s time. Try to convince yourself that smoking solves nothing. In fact, it only brings in illnesses. Such reasoning with yourself will help you give up the habit soon. If possible, reason positively every day.

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Quitting alcohol makes the quality of your life better instantly. You start tasting and smelling food better. You get rid of cough and risks of cancer, stroke, and scores of heart and lung diseases. Your health improves and you save the money spent on drinks.

If in situations where you feel hopeless, it is crucial you visit a mental health professional who can understand the issue and help you get off it. For a proper support and guidance on quitting alcohol and getting sober, please do call us at 96111 94949 or Visit Cadabam’s.