Everything You Need To Know Ab...

What is a rehabilitation center? A rehabilitation centre is a place where an individual can work over his addiction issues under supervised environments that aid addiction recovery with ease. All these treatments and therapies are carried out by well-trained mental health professionals including a psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, psychologists, counselors, nurses & support staffs. With the […]

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Psychological revelation behin...

Folie à Famille translated ‘a folly of family’, the term talks about a shared psychotic disorder among a group of family members as opposed to shared between two people (folie à deux). This is a rare condition because of which effective treatments have not been well-established. However, last week we saw an incident in Delhi […]

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Are You Feeling Suicidal? How ...

Wanting to overcome suicidal thoughts? Firstly, the thought to overcome the suicidal thoughts itself is a sign of positivity. You may think feeling suicidal is a sign of permanent weakness and flew. Actually, it isn’t, feeling suicidal is just a temporary negative mindset that makes you experience intense sadness. During this intense episode majority of […]

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How to Help Someone with Drug ...

Want to help someone with Drug and Alcohol Addiction? A relative, a dear friend, a sibling, a co-worker? Early drug and alcohol abuse education is one of the best ways to start with. Everyone involved needs to be educated, from parents and educators to children and adults. Each needs to know the risks of altered […]

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Depression is an Illness, Not ...

For as long as health professionals can remember, our country has developed a negative stigma towards depression illness. People suffering from depression tend to suffer in silence, or not seek the appropriate treatment because of the shame associated with admitting they have a mental illness. Currently, people diagnosed with depression illness are viewed as broken, […]

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Effects of Weed

Drug Addiction

Do you know? Weed contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances (more than tobacco) comparatively.


What is weed?

Weed also called marijuana, cannabis, ganja and bhang many names exist for this greenish-gray blended component of dried leaves, flowers and seeds of Cannabis sativa (the hemp plant). You can see people use weed in hand-rolled cigarettes, hookah and water pipes. 90% of countries banned the usage of weed (in all forms). In India (all states), only the government authorized dealers are permitted to sell bhang. Bhang is popular on Holi (Indian festival). To know more about bhang click here.


What happens in your body after consuming weed:

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical that is responsible for most of the mental and physical effect on the body. It reaches the brain cells in 10 minutes after the dope and reaches hippocampus, the part that is responsible for creating new memories. It induces hallucinations, changes the thoughts from reality and results in delusions.


General symptoms:

  • Seeing everything in high definition
  • Slow moving of time frame
  • Change in mood
  • Impaired body movements
  • Difficulty in problem-solving
  • Impaired memory


Short-term effects:

When an individual smokes weed, THC makes a quick race from lungs to blood stream. The blood carries the buzz chemical to the brain and the other parts of the body. When it starts absorbing the chemicals the individual feels high after 30 min to 45 min along with other effects.


Long-term effects:

Taking weed for long term might affect the brain development. As the individual starts using weed as teenagers, it begins to reduce the thinking capability, memory and learning skill functions. Literally, it breaks the connection between the reality and necessary functions permanently.


Physical effects:

  • High heart rate: Increases heart rates for up to 3 hours after consuming weed in the form of smoke. This action might result in the chance of heart attack. This risk is probably higher for old people.
  • Breathing issues: The individual who smokes weed frequently might encounter breathing problem with lung irritation/lung illness/lung infection, daily cough and phlegm. Also lung cancer still in the list but not yet concluded by researchers.
  • Pregnancy problems: Weed use during pregnancy results lower birth weight with brain and behavioral problems in babies.


Long term effects of weed: Using weed for a long time may cause mental illness in some users

  • Temporary hallucinations: Sensing  and imagining the things which are not real.
  • Temporary paranoia: Losing the trust on others extremely without any reason.
  • Schizophrenia: At a point of time the individual encounters schizophrenia (severe mental disorder).
  • Other disorders: Also, the user has the chance of getting other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.


For treatment options:

It’s important to look at the root cause, but reading the article and gaining knowledge about the effects might not help the addicted individual. Early treatment can enhance quick recovery. Reach the professional team and get the right help now. Visit or call us at +91 96111 94949 or www.cadabams.org/anunitha



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