Side Effects of Marijuana Addi...

Marijuana (also known as Cannabis) has remained a topic of controversy for a long time. On one side there are people who support its legalization and on the other hand, there are critics who don’t want its legalization at any cost. As this debate is gaining heat, marijuana is becoming more popular than ever and […]

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Goals Of Psychosocial Rehabili...

Psychosocial rehabilitation is the most effective approach that responds to multiple needs of healthy living. It is an evidence-based practice that aims towards an individual’s recovery from psychiatric illness and difficult/ emotional situations. Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses to increase the possibilities of individual’s symptom management, personal improvement, social re-integration and quality of life. With guided practices, […]

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Tips To Live Better With Bipol...

Unlike any other mental health condition, bipolar disorder strikes harder in daily life. Managing it requires a fusion of professional help, medication and therapies. Furthermore, the individual needs to adopt a few lifestyle habits to prevent bipolar. This blog briefly highlights the best tips to help you live better with bipolar disorder. 5 Tips to […]

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What Happens In Addiction Reco...

Thinking of stepping into a rehab center for addiction issue? Before you do it is necessary to know about Addiction Recovery Programs. By doing so you would be easy to catch up and cooperate with the proceedings. This blog highlights and explains the addiction recovery programs inside the rehab center. Ensure you know better about […]

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Inpatient drug rehab for Profe...

While drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition, it is also treatable. If you are a professional who is dealing with drug addiction here’s how inpatient Drug rehab can play a crucial role in addiction recovery. An inpatient drug rehab can be the best option for someone’s seeking sobriety after battles with drug abuse. Read […]

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Do You Know the Warning Signs of Depression?

According to WHO (World Health Organisation)- globally 18% of people suffer from depression. 

Depression is a medical condition that causes severe despair in mood and makes the person feel low with impairment in daily life.

We all know how severe depression is. We all know how it can impact a person’s daily life. But are we aware of the warning signs of depression? This blog throws light on the warning signs of depression that you may not know

Here are the signs of depression that you may not know!

  • Low mood

During the depression, the individual often feels low mood with excessive sadness or worrying for a longer period of time. They may not able to express the reason for the emptiness they feel inside.

  • Change in appetite

One of the notable symptoms of depression is change in the appetite. The individual may experience a drastic change in eating habits. Either they eat more to compensate for depression or lose the interest over the meal. With respect to the result of these conditions, there may be a radical change in the body weight too.

  • Sleep issues

Sleep is an essential phenomenon in human existence. Sleep is mandatory to maintain a balanced energy level throughout the day. People with depression experience a change in their sleep patterns. Either they sleep too much or too little. Furthermore, they may experience much sleep-related psychological disorder through depression such as insomnia, hypersomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

  • Anxiety

According to the recent research, 70% of people with depression suffer from anxiety too. The individual with depression and anxiety describe- they feel some sense of uneasiness, fear for no reason and a feeling of nervousness.

  • Social isolation

One of the common warning sign of depression is isolation. People with depression often spend more time alone. Due to loneliness and isolation, the individual may experience health risks such as high blood pressure, obesity and addiction-related issues.

  • Loss of Interest

‘Anhedonia’ is the psychological name describes the loss of interest. Anhedonia is a Greek word meaning ‘without pleasure’. An individual may experience an inability to feel pleased with the activity that is enjoyed earlier. It could be anything such as hobbies, activities, sex drive, social interactions and etc.

  • Physical symptoms

People with depression are prone to physical symptoms such as body pain, digestive problems, tiredness and headaches. The individuals often experience these kinds of symptoms with any medical reasons.

  • Neurocognitive difficulties

Other common symptoms of depression are neurocognitive difficulties. The neurocognitive difficulties instil- poor decision making, lack of concentration and memory issues. The individual may face the trouble when receiving information and acting to it.

  • Worthlessness or guilt

An individual with depression experiences excessive guilt and worthlessness. Frequently they feel hard, self-disgusted themselves. They exhibit negative emotions and take self-blame for minor setbacks.

  • Suicidal thoughts

As the result of hopelessness and recurring negative thoughts the individual experience suicidal thoughts. Such behaviours indicate the individual is in desperate need of help. If you seek above-mentioned warning signs with the person you care the most. It is vital to reach out for professional help, call us @ +91 96111 94949