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AMITHA, A Centre for Short Term and Long Term Rehabilitation Care

"AMITHA" meaning 'boundless' was the first centre to come up in the existing premises named after Late Amitha M Cadabam sister of Mr Cadabam M Ramesh the Chairman of Cadabam's Group. CADABAM'S AMITHA has been the centre which has given opportunity for all innovations in Psycho Social Rehabilitation and multitude growth of CADABAM'S as Group with various centres of excellence.

Amitha" Campus- being the oldest campus functioning since 1992, still is the largest campus of the CADABAM'S Group with vast open spaces, range of accommodations, range of therapeutic settings both Open and Closed door, allied living facilities for a comfortable stay, very spacious dining hall with Grand Kitchen and various therapeutic programs to choose for all types of mental illness including that of Short term and long term rehabilitation programs.

AMITHA CADABAM'S has been the mother centre where most of the current successful programs were introduced and moved to other settings for exclusivity to name few are Supported Living, Supported Employment, Supported Education, De-Addiction, Short Term Rehabilitation and long term care for Persons with Intellectual and developmental disorders.

CADABAM'S AMITHA currently houses persons with all forms of mental illnesses in all stages like acute, sub-acute and chronic for symptom management, crisis intervention, short term rehabilitation, long term care and rehabilitation. CADABAM'S AMITHA is the place where persons with Intellectual and Developmental disorders are housed for long term care under the banner of ANKITHA which has specific and unique programs of its own.

About Cadabam's Group

CADABAM'S Group of psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health care centres, with its motto of 'Recovery with Respect' is the largest private sector facility in India, providing treatment, therapy, healing and recovery to nearly 400 persons with various mental health problems of diverse nature and needs under one roof. CADABAM'S has facilitated rehabilitation and recovery 1000's of patients with mental health problems in the past 2 decades starting from inception of the organisation in the year 1992. CADABAM'S with various speciality centres and facilities ranging from a simple dormitory to one of the most luxurious cottages offers various programs for all types of mental health problems making it the most comprehensive rehabilitation and mental health care centre of the country.

CADABAM'S today has speciality centres of excellence evolved with specific therapeutic program to suit the needy person with mental health problems while a team of mental health professionals strive with family for successful reintegration.

  • The most comprehensive psycho social rehabilitation centre with over 400 persons with various mental health issues undergoing rehabilitation under one roof and 1000's being reintegrated back to society and family.

  • The centre is spread across sprawling 5,59,000 Sq Ft of land area and a built up are of about 2,30,000 Sq Ft. More than 50% of the area being open with greenery, walking path, space for outdoor games it in itself soothes the troubled mind.

  • Over 70 mental health professionals work round the clock with 24*7 ambulance and nursing care to not only manage the psychiatric problems but also the associated medical issues.

  • NEERAJA out lets India's first Supported Employment facility managed by the rehabilitated residents was conceived and founded by CADABAM'S.

  • Comprehensive psycho social centre with RECOVERY oriented programmes, Short Term & Long Term rehabilitation, care suiting to the needs and challenges posed by the illness.

  • Centres of Excellence for focussed and specialised interventions :
    • MIND TALK Centre for psychological and Neuro psychiatric services. A centre for preventive and promotive mental
      health care.
    • Centre for short and long term Rehabilitation
    • Centre par excellence- 'ANANYA' A Tri-star care centre
    • Centre for De addiction of alcohol and Substance dependence
    • Half way house for persons with psychiatric disability
    • Center for supported living-AAKANKSHA
    • Center for supported employment-NEERAJA
    • Centre for person with Intellectual and developmental disorders-ANKITHA
    • Centre for acute intervention & emergency psychiatry (CINPS, Bangalore)(PROPOSED)

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