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Living Spaces

The Living facilities at AMITHA have an extensive range starting from a low cost Dormitory to luxurious cottage.

Individual Planning

Individualized structured therapies are planned to help them recover and re-integrate them back to society.


Access to varied range indoor and outdoor amenities in a conducive environment, to recuperate holistically

Professional Team

Safe and skilful professional care by psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychologists and physician

Cadabam's AMITHA ,A Centre for Short Term and Long Term Rehabilitation Care

“AMITHA” meaning ‘boundless' was the first centre to come up in the existing premises named after Late Amitha M Cadabam sister of Mr Cadabam M Ramesh the Chairman of Cadabam's Group. CADABAM'S AMITHA has been the centre which has given opportunity for all innovations in Psycho Social Rehabilitation and multitude growth of CADABAM'S as Group with various centres of excellence.

Amitha" Campus- being the oldest campus functioning since 1992, still is the largest campus of the CADABAM'S Group with vast open spaces, range of accommodations, range of therapeutic settings both Open and Closed door, allied living facilities for a comfortable stay, very spacious dining hall with Grand Kitchen and various therapeutic programs to choose for all types of mental illness including that of Short term and long term rehabilitation programs. Know More

Unique Initiatives by CADABAM'S

Cadabams have taken many initiatives in order to bring the talents and creativeness pf the individuals in the rehab centre. Its helps in building personality and to help the patients gain back there confidence and to take a new approach in life


Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality angularity is often heard of requiring personal self help approaches. But Personality disorder treatment requiring assessment in a personality disorder center comes to most as a shocker. The personality disorder treatment requires the rectification in the three segments that make up the personality: The way we Act, Behave, and think. A breakdown in these sectors requires attention in mental disorder center for personality disorder treatment.
To understand the details of what constitutes personality disorder and the treatment for mental disorder please read here. What makes this disease more challenging to be treated in a mental disorder center‘s personality disorder center is the fact that this personality disorder treatment focuses on three clusters. They are,

At the personality disorder center they are treated by Anti psychotics, anti depressants and mood stabilizers. Each type of drug focuses on a particular type of cluster(s) and makes up of the personality disorder treatment. But Pharmalogical intervention is only one part of this treatment for mental disorder. Other avenues include psychological therapies, family intervention programs, and so on. For a complete read on personality disorder treatment please log on here.
The psycho social interventions need mention and hence are listed below.

The personality disorder treatment is broken into three programs: Rehab, Recovery, and Process. Briefly these methods at the mental disorder center focus on short term and long term rehabilitation which are inpatient approaches at this personality disorder center. At the evaluation and assessment time at the personality disorder center outpatient options will also be considered by the clinical psychologist and other members of the treating team. Recovery deals with clinical recovery and personal recovery all as inpatient or outpatient as deemed fit for the personality disorder treatment. Process amplifies to the pharmalogical and other interventions already discussed above.

The facilities provided at the rehab for the personality disorder treatment are very supportive for fasts results. The accommodation, group and personnel counseling, pharmalogical intervention and so on are one of the best that the country has to offer and can be read here.

By late teens or early 20's most individuals develop own personality with their own distinctive way of thinking , feeling and behaving which remains pretty much the pattern in later life. However , distinctive events in life can lead to a personality breakdown requiring personality disorder treatment as a case of treatment for mental disorder. The disease of personality disorder does not seem to be that threatening as a mental disorder but in reality at leads to complications with substance abuse, and grave family and social fractures making not only personality disorder treatment necessary but mostly in mental disorder center. Rarely does a personality disorder center exist as the name suggests most often the personality disorder treatment takes place in a center for treatment for mental disorder.

However, a crisis of personality disorder could male mental health first aid necessary and treatment at a hospital like Cadabams Neuro Psychiatry Specialty Hospital necessary. After a minimal stay depending on the treating team’s advice in all probability the patient would be shifted for short term or long term rehabilitation at a Psycho Social Rehabilitation Center.

As in all mental health disorders once in open society the process of self help would assume great importance. As personality disorder treatment is not focused on life threatening symptoms self  help would assume greater role in the prognosis process. Some of the measures are de-stressing, physical exercises, talking things through, keeping away from substance abuse, These skills are not only practiced at the personality disorder center but taught as a tool for personality disorder treatment at the mental disorder center.

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