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ďCADABAMíS Centre for Supported EmploymentĒ

Employment or work is a very important component for a person with mental health problem to have a satisfactory life and recover. Work generates sense of worth, boosts self esteem and confidence, engages in productive activity away from the diseased mental world and over and above makes the person independent and responsible.

It has been CADABAMíS experience that even after substantial rehabilitation the person with mental illness unfortunately due to the associated stigmatised tag even if possess right qualification and skill sets does not get place to work. Not able to get work in many cases has been triggering points for relapse making all efforts of professionals look in vain.

CADABAMíS centre for supported employment is a vehicle reaching the goal of employment of many rehabilitated residents. At CADABAMíS centre for supported employment not only do we provide opportunity and facilitate getting employment in the competitive work environment but also has its own out letís called NEERAJA where the person is trained in the type of work that interests the rehabilitated resident.

ĎNEERAJAí the Centre for supported employment is a very dynamic and unique concept of CADABAMíS which has brought out eclipsed talent, business acumen and vocational skill to the fore.

CADABAMíS centre for supported employment does, not just help the person seek employment in the competitive market but also partner with family in establishing new enterprise and training the rehabilitated resident for the new enterprise.

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