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What Does Bipolar Feel Like?

What Does Bipolar Feel Like?

Sajan 25, “Often, I was preoccupied with suicidal thoughts.

Am not sure of what am going through the early stage. I feel like crying for no reason, always worried about future events and make myself comfortable in my own spaces. Gradually, these behaviours became an ideal zone for me. Doing daily activities such as getting out of bed, gathering with friends or dining with family became a daunting task.

As the days pass by, the loneliness became more intense and dominant. I wasn’t able to think what am suppose to! At a point, I thought my parents would be ashamed of me, my friends would be teased by the other students in the class and my girlfriend would not get married because of me.

Finally, I believed suicide could end all my problems. Several times I tried to cut myself due to the preoccupation with suicidal thoughts. I ended up in getting treatments in the rehab center. Then I came to know what I was going through was a depressive episode.  

Nazneen 28, “Am the theory of everything”

My daily activities are monitored by a group of people who don’t want me to discover the hidden concepts of the world. Through all the barriers and hurdles I found the mysteries behind Bermuda triangle, Mariana trench, DaVinci code and Big bang theory.

Before the information reaches to the people they wanted to stop me. This made me seek help with the fellow people around. But my friends and family didn’t believe my words, most of them said something wrong with me. Before the assassins killing me I wanted people to know everything.

My father took me to a rehab center for treatment. After a few months, I started recovering from my thought patterns. A year later, I was able to differentiate between reality and the imaginary. What I was through is delusion a symptom of bipolar.

Sandeep 35, “I fluctuate between moods ”

I am an introvert, whether its sorrow or happiness, it spills over myself. Being like that isn’t my nature, the atmosphere around me made so. Throughout my life, I was exposed to multiple stress events.

Professionally- I was working in a sales marketing company. Every month I need to chase the targets, at any cast I have to get the lead. Personally- I had relationship issues with my wife and family members. Am easily irritable personality, a limited number of friends, low in motivation and feel nervous for no reasons.

Sometimes without any logic, I will be more energetic, get more rapid thoughts, feel extream happy and eat more. I felt something fishy with my mental health. This made me seek help with a professional. At last, I was diagnosed with bipolar, what I experienced was mood swings from high mania to low depression.

John Marvel 42, “It’s loud inside my head”

I am a high-school teacher and a father of 3 children. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 8 months ago. 3 months before diagnosis, I experienced several emotions from mania to depression.

In mania: I wasn’t able to sleep for 4 straight hours, can’t catch hold of my thoughts, lost money on spending and frequently lost temper with students. In depression: I was preoccupied with negative thoughts, lazy to step out of bed, feel less motivated and worried excessively.

After following the proper medications and coping everything was under control. After seeking the change in emotions I stopped taking medications for a while. Thought everything was okay with me, as a result, I started hearing voices and seeing absent personalities. Often, my head is preoccupied with several negative thoughts. After visiting my psychiatrist I come to know that was paranoia