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De-addiction becomes easier when you find a place that feels safe, secure, and stress free. Anunitha rehabilitation centre by Cadabam’s is located in the lap of nature a stone’s throw away from the city of Bangalore. Our restorative rehab programs that offer clinically-verified and customised treatment plans are the perfect way to re-centre and focus on sobriety far away from the bustle of the city. Our rehab programs are now open to Mumbai residents, simply ask your consultant doctor for a referral to our rehabilitation program, we will take care of the rest.

Who are we?

Anunitha translates to ‘unparalleled’, something we aim to be when it comes to dealing with de-addiction. This exclusive centre for alcohol and drug de-addiction and rehabilitation was brought to life in 2007. At first, we were successfully rehabilitating individuals with mental health issues where many of them either had an alcohol or drug addiction – or in some cases, both.

We soon realized that there was a dire need for an exclusive program that catered to the mental health issues, which usually comes along with such addictions; we, however, remain committed to keeping the addictions as the foundation of our treatment. This is why we have specialized our programs and services to ensure recovery on multiple levels, physical, emotional, and psycho-social.

With our internationally-acclaimed and accepted therapeutic programs, Anunitha centre in Bangalore is sure to help you turn over a new leaf while enjoying the calmness and healing properties of Mother Nature herself.

Why Anunitha?

Cadabams is an internationally recognized and renowned Rehabilitation and Recovery centre for people and their families struggling with Psychiatric illnesses and Addiction. The facility is well connected by road and air for national and international patients. Our facility regularly hosts patrons from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other hubs due to the uniquely peaceful environment we are able to provide which speeds up the healing process.

Our team of 100+ renowned and experienced doctors and specialists at our deaddiction centers in Bangalore combine multidisciplinary care that addresses every facet of well being through medical treatment, counseling, biochemical restoration, nutrition, psychosocial rehab, fitness and a range of complementary treatments. our Rehab centers offer compassionate care and the highest degree of personal attention to help clients heal in a safe, nurturing, and serene environment.

Our Recovery Process:

We are aware that each patient is unique and so are their needs. This is why we take pride in our personalized drug and alcohol rehabilitation process for individuals with distinct struggles and challenges. Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres come fully equipped with highly qualified medical professionals who provide the utmost support and round-the-clock care. We provide tailor-made treatment at our deaddiction centre for a host of substance abuse disorders including alcohol, opioids, marijuana, cigarettes, and prescription drugs amongst others.

We offer an array of different approaches – from group therapies, family therapy, alcohol & drug detoxes to 12-step programs and much more. Our various treatments are aimed at achieving long-term recovery. We also provide a strong aftercare session with mentors and support groups to prevent relapses.

At Cadabams, treatment plans are based on psychosocial intervention methods. For us, recovery is more than symptom reduction, it is complete social rehabilitation with optimal everyday functioning. We offer social skills training, our hallmark service that aims at improving social interactions and communication. It helps in overall development and management of addiction while facilitating high-levels of functioning in the society.
We also offer supported employment and vocational training for a full-proof recovery. Our in-house vocational training and supported employment services help in leading a normal life by learning the adequate skills to earn a livelihood. Cadabams offers a host of options through Neeraja, Anvesha, Alankrita and the BPO programs to enable people with addiction regain control over their lives.


Cadabam’s went beyond and above my expectations as a drug treatment center. Once I could remember there was a time, I felt my life was in a chaos when I went into drug addiction. I felt like I couldn’t solve this issue anymore. But my goals and needs were met when I joined into Cadabam’s Drug rehab center.
I was encouraged to go deeper and understand my underlying issues. It was a safe environment to me which was very important as a part of recovery. I got the care and healing which I needed to move on with my life. The good thing about my recovery experience is I was heard here. I walked out from here with a much better and good understanding of myself and the tools to help me prevent relapsing. It’s my sincere gratitude to Cadabam’s.

Mr. Akshit, Mumbai

All the doctors and staff were pretty cooperative during my stay. My experience at Cadabam’s was good. Starting from the doctors to food, everything is satisfactory. I got all the best support and care a person requires to get back to a normal life again from addiction problems. Cadabam’s has an outstanding team working to keep us healthy and happy. I express my extreme gratitude to the whole team. In overall treatment was satisfactory and fruitful. Thank you, Cadabam’s!

Mr. Bhoumik Joshi, Mumbai

My son had been a victim of alcohol addiction and was rehabilitated at Cadabam’s in Bangalore. Anunitha is homely, friendly, and a modern rehab center with highly experienced and qualified medical professionals along with the caring staff especially the international patient care team. The treatment and care are excellent and do keep this level of excellence in service to humanity. I would highly recommend Cadabam’s state-of-the-art facilities and services to anyone who is seeking a life back from addiction problems.

Mrs. Vishmi Chokhani, Sri Lanka

What makes us different?

  • Personalized care – We know that no two patients are the same and neither are their needs. This is why we offer personalized care and rehabilitation plans.
  • Family therapy – No healing is complete without the involvement of the people the patients are closest to. This is why we do family therapy and sharing sessions.
  • Ambulance Service – We offer a secure, long-distance ambulance service. Our fully equipped ambulances are always at the ready for emergencies.
  • Premium accommodation – We provide fully-furnished accommodations with an emphasis on healthy living featuring recreational centres, yoga and meditation hall, and nutritious diet. Our premium accommodation ensures that patients get to take in the fresh air and scenic views to better aid in their rehabilitation.
  • Therapy Sessions – We know that healing isn’t just physical. But it is emotional and mental. That’s why our experts conduct therapy sessions regularly.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – At times, a patient may have more than one addiction. For cases that have both a drug & alcohol addiction, we offer specialized dual treatments accordingly.

Community and homecare services

Our rehab offers opportunities to support and mingle with a community focused on healthy lifestyle. We also offer regular home visits and checkups to cater to your needs

24×7 Support

We are here whenever you need us. Our helplines and emergency services run 24×7, so you are never left out.

Crisis Intervention

Our specialised crisis intervention team is trained to de-escalate tension and extend all necessary support for you and your loved one’s safety.

Support for Caregivers

Caring for people with schizophrenia can be challenging. We offer training and therapy to keep caregivers happy and relaxed so they can be the companion their loved one needs.

Our Pillars

We work with the leading psychiatrists, counsellors, and psychologists in India. Our stellar patient outcomes are a result of comprehensive de-addiction and rehabilitation programs curated by the top medical minds of the country.

Madhukar B.R

Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist

Vishal Kasal
MBBS (Psychiatry), M.D.(Psychiatry)

Consultant Psychiatrist

Arun Kumar


Priya Raghavan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Why Cadabam’s Anunitha?

We use our 28+ years of expertise to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Our multispecialty team of psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, and physicians continually works with you and your family members to ensure a well-rounded and holistic addiction treatment. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced professionals, and strong community support, we offer world-class evidence-based treatment that is fit for all stages and all types of substance use disorders. As pioneers in private behavioural healthcare services, we pride ourselves on our renowned psychotherapy,  pharmacotherapy, neurofeedback, and community-based treatment for addiction.       

Addiction is a disorder that is best combated with the support of trained professionals. Our programs help you or your loved one recover by using the top therapeutic interventions. Our high-quality and comfortable facilities, qualified mental health professionals, caregiver support plans, post-diagnostic support, post-care support and crisis intervention ensure that all your needs are met. At Cadabams, we care for you.

If you know someone struggling with addiction, call us at +91 96111 94949.