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Holistic Treatment and Promoting Holistic Well Being

Holistic Treatment and Promoting Holistic Well Being

The word ‘holistic’ has been the most commonly used term by healthcare centres in the present day scenario. Have you ever thought about the term Holistic? Considering it is being endorsed by almost all the healthcare facilities such as corporate hospitals, ayurvedic treatment centres, luxurious resorts and spa and finally the integrated healthcare centres. The origin of this word is from Greek word ‘holism’ meaning all, entire and total. The health care providers use this definition to characterize their approach to the treatment of the illness as being treating the person as a whole and not restrictive to the illness.
Generally, there are two meanings for holistic care as it is being used in the society. Firstly, it means that interdependent parts of the body considered as a whole for the treatment. Secondly, it means the use of alternative therapies for treatment. An interesting quote from the American Holistic Health Association is, “… for the part can never be well unless the whole is well”. They have gone further to compliment the ancient healing traditions of India and China dated 5,000 years ago, where the stress was on healthy way of life in harmony with nature. This has been the cause of upspring of ayurvedic treatment, herbal treatment, acupuncture and Chinese traditional treatment today.
Healthcare centres are also cashing in on present generation’s ‘way of life’ that is packed with a bag full of stress, pressure and changing lifestyle through globalisation. These set ups have been mostly of South-East Asian origin considering their rich heritage in medicine and treatment from the ancient years.
Now the question that arises is “Is there a need for Holistic Treatment and promoting holistic well being?” The answer is without doubt ‘YES’. This is with due consideration to the nature of illnesses that needs a comprehensive care plan. Physical health issues such as cardiac problem, hypertension, diabetics, arthritis, asthma, skin problems, backaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine etc require an all-inclusive care even beyond general medicine and thus, a holistic care will help them overcome their symptoms and lead a pain free life. The approach to this treatment beyond medicine could be a combination of alternative medicine along with regular allopathy medication.
Physical health, by and large, gets due attention. Have you ever thought about a need for your holistic mental health? I believe, there is a need for recognition and importance to be given to a person’s mental health. Being a part of the Cadabam’S Group, I have been realised the need and the importance of holistic care in crafting the success stories for those suffering with these illnesses. The holistic mental health model includes concepts based upon educational, psychological, religious and sociological perspectives. The model also includes theoretical knowledge of personality, social, clinical, health and developmental psychology.
I trust that today, there is a need for identification of holistic care itself and furthermore, a higher need to understand the call for a holistic mental health care as well. This will help people to live a life entirely than he/she would have.
Holistic Treatment for Mentally ill


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