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Functional Alcoholic Symptoms

Functional Alcoholic Symptoms

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More about functional alcoholism

Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for you and yet so many of us are unable to stop ourselves from being addicted to drinking. We rationalize and pacify ourselves stating that at least we are not alcoholics. We can totally in control of ourselves and still function and this is exactly what a functional alcoholic is!

A functional alcoholic is someone who is addicted to drinking and can still continue to function in certain areas of living. A functional addict can drink excessively once they’re home from work and are still able to get themselves up the following day and go to work. However they may not be able to function optimally but are still able to get their jobs done. Hence it is essential to recognize the symptoms before it gets too late:

  • They’re obsessed about alcohol –Alcohol is always on their mind. They count hours until they can have their next drink. They measure how much alcohol they consume without getting drunk.
  • They love the company of fellow drinkers – They surround themselves with people who enjoy drinking as much as they do. And enjoys drinking while being around fellow drinkers.
  • They crave alcohol – One drink is never enough for functional alcoholics. The craving consumes them, until they can have their next drink and the following one and the one after that before long, they have lost control over their alcohol consumption. But they never allow it to appear outwardly making sure that they behave as normal as possible.
  • Alcohol is a huge part of their daily living – It is extremely hard for functional alcoholics to give up alcohol. And they make it an essential part of their daily living. They believe wasting
  • They internally feel ashamed about their behaviour – Functioning alcoholics often feel ashamed about their consumption and show remorse post drinking. But that alone doesn’t motivate them to quit drinking.
  • They are self-deluding – They would use rationalization and talk themselves into believing that they’re quite functioning. They believe that they aren’t alcoholics because they irrespective of their consumption they are still able to live and carry out their responsibilities. It is this self-delusion that allows them to continue with drinking.
  • They have failed attempts at quitting – At some point in their lives functioning alcoholics have tried to quit drinking but have failed in the attempt. And they might even have a history of failed attempts.
  • They hide their drinking – In an attempt to not seem like they have a problem with drinking some of them might even conceal their drinking.
  • They would disregard any consequences – Whether minor or major, consequences don’t matter to them. Be it physical or mental impact, they would still continue to drink.
  • They would indulge in risk taking behaviours– Otherwise seeming to be quite responsible as soon as they’re in the company of alcohol they would engage in high risk taking behaviours like drinking and driving, etc.

A major threat to functional alcoholics is irrespective of recognize that they have a drinking problem they refuse to seek treatment believing that they are able to manage and control it and even be able to resist alcohol altogether. But this delay can simply only add on to their alcoholism and can end up causing their condition to get severe. And hence seeking medical help and detoxification is extremely important. If you know someone who may be suffering from this, please spread awareness and get them to get help. For assistance call Cadabams Anunitha now on +919611194949.

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