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How to Overcome Food Addiction?

How to Overcome Food Addiction?


Food Addiction

Is your loved one eating in excess, or even more than what is essential for their proper nutrition or a healthy living? Then, it may be a sign or indication of food addiction.

Here a person perpetually engages in ravaging behaviors of overeating. This is the reason for which some people cannot sway themselves around some foods, despite they try hard to control it.


Thus, a person preoccupied with food addiction tends to become more addictive to highly appetizing foods that are highly rich in sugars, fats, salts, etc. Food addiction activates the chemical reactions to occur in the brain of a human body. These reactions induce a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in the human brain, leaving the person with a feeling of uncontrollable hankering for the food. Thus, the life of a food addict worsens upon the eating of foods such as sugar, wheat, flour, etc. This condition not only declines the individual’s personality physically but also socially, emotionally and spiritually as well.


Symptoms and Indications of Food addiction


Some of the indications and symptoms which can be seen in a person suffering from food addiction are as listed below.


  • Though a person has completely finished his nutritious meal and being full, he has a urge for some foods frequently.
  • Consuming to the point, where he or she gets excessively stuffed.
  • Avoiding relationships, social interactions and spend more time on eating.
  • Chronic fatigue and decreased energy levels.
  • Feeling difficulty in the concentration of things.
  • Feeling of restlessness.
  • The increase in the feeling of irritability.
  • Developing sleep disorders like Insomnia.
  • Develop frequent headaches.


Causes for Food Addiction


What might be the cause for this kind of addiction? Generally, people develop food addiction due to some of the reasons relating to psychological, biological or even sometimes on social grounds. This condition influences the person to develop hormonal imbalances, irregularities in the structures of the brain, along with some of the side effects arising due to medications.


A professional treatment is off-times a necessary part to break this cycle of addiction and to restore a healthful and nourishing relationship with the food.


Ill-effects of Food Addiction


Food addiction results to a number of health consequences on the human body, thus paving the way to chronic symptoms. The health issues arising from food addiction includes heart diseases, malnutrition, diabetes, obesity, digestive problems, chronic pain, etc.

A strong understanding of the health effects of this behavioral addiction in various aspects of your loved one would favorably help them in getting the right assistance they deserve.


Treatment for Food addiction


Food addiction can be healed by proper medications, psychological  help and nutritional assistance. It would be a challenging task when it comes to overcoming this behavioral condition. A life of a food addict prevents him from enjoying his life, but there are always possibilities of healing. Many medications are been provided such as suppressants, antidepressants for the treatment of this disorder.


Some of the treatment methods that could help in overcoming this problem are-


  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a kind of therapy which helps in identifying and rectifying the thought-process and patterns that leads to food addiction. This learning based therapy helps the person to develop new strategies to overcome with the stressors.


  • Medications– Medications are often used to treat the conditions such as anxiety or depression which in-turn help in a way of controlling an urge of overeating.


Food addiction lays a bad impact on relationships, especially in the cases of family often leading to isolation. To know more on how to overcome these ill-effects along with the assistance and treatment options for food addiction, you can reach us @+919611194949.



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