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India's largest team of mental health professionals

Absolutely Confidential

We value your privacy and uphold absolute confidentiality at all points in your recovery journey

Reliable at all times

Our highly trained and skilled team of mental health professionals, our experience and our expertise make our service as reliable as it can get

Unmatched Experience

Through years of serivce, we have engineered a recovery journey that ensures every person who come to us, gets the best possible mental health care experience

"The only way of putting the mind at ease is letting go of the desire to want it to be different".

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Core Team

Dr B R Madhukar

Medical Director, Psychiatrist

Neha Cadabam
MSc. (Clinical Psychology) Cert NLP Practitoner

Executive Director, Psychologist

Suhita Saha
M.A. M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RINPAS)

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Rithika Alladi
M.A., MPhil and Psy.D

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Swathi J Bhat
MA (Clinical Psychology). MPhil (MAHE, Manipal)

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Madhuparna Sreemany
MSc Psychology (University of Nottingham), BA Psychology


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Frequently asked questions

What if I want to change my current consultant?

Striking a chord with a consultant takes time and demands patience. However, if you still want to change your consultant, you can ring up our helpline and they will help you with it.

How many sessions can I avail?

Each employee can avail 8 sessions with our mental health professionals. These sessions are also extended to your immediate family members too. Post 6 sessions, the employees will have to bear the expenses.

How do I book a session?

To book a session, simply ring our helpline number: +91 8951458484 or fill out the form on this page and request a call back. Our triage psychologists will guide you through.

My call to the helpline did not go through. What do I do?

Please try calling again and if it still does not go through, please inform your HR and we will fix it on top priority.

What if I want to talk to someone beyond 9 PM?

We would entertain a call on our 24x7 helpline: +91 9741476476 beyond 9PM only if it's a crisis. If it's not, we request you to wait till the next day and call our helpline after 09:00 AM

What if I exceed 6 consultations?

Once you exceed 8 consultations that the EAP program covers, you will have to bear the expenses for the consultations / treatment thereafter.

Can my family members avail the consultations?

We have made provision for your immediate family members to avail these consultations. The immediate family members would include your spouse or your children or your parents.

I called the helpline but no-one answered the call. What do I do?

If your call went unanswered, our psychologists would be held up with other calls. However, stay assured that they will call you back very shortly. If your call did not connect, please try calling again and if it still fails, please bring it to the notice of your HR.

Is it a 24 hours helpline?

The helpline is active between 09:00 AM and 09:00 PM on all days of the week. If it's a crisis and you have to reach us beyond these hours, feel free to call our general 24x7 helpline: +91 9741476476

How do I cancel / reschedule my consultation?

You can cancel or reschedule your consultation by ringing our helpline and talking to our triage specialists. They will reschedule your session for you. However, the rescheduling should happen at least 24 hours in prior or the session is counted.

About Cadabam's

Who we are

Cadabam’s Group is India’s largest mental healthcare service provider with three decades of experience and the largest, multispecialty team of mental health professionals.

We are pioneers in the mental health field, working towards making our services affordable and accessible to all. We ensure the best care possible with a solution-oriented, clinically verified approach to meet all your needs for emotional wellbeing.

We are the only psychiatric institution in India to be recognised and supported by CNTW and NHS.

What we believe

At Cadabam’s, we believe in creating a safe, nurturing space to create the best possible recovery path for you or your loved one.

Our holistic, evidence-based approach ensures that your needs are met with a personalised treatment plan curated especially for you by the best mental health professionals in the country.

Cadabam's Hyderabad

Cadabam’s Hyderabad, located in The Financial District, Hyderabad, is a world-class psychiatric facility catering to all your behavioural health, emotional wellbeing, psychiatric emergency as well as mental health needs.

We offer various treatment options, from long-term rehabilitation and recovery to short-term therapeutic and psychiatric interventions at our centre. We also provide Home Care Services where we bring mental health services right at your doorstep.

How we work

Cadabam’s Hyderabad provides a wide range of post-diagnostic care options including psychosocial interventions, family therapy, occupational therapy, supported employment as well as 24/7 support for your needs.

We at Cadabam’s believe that everyone can be reintegrated into society. Our holistic mental health services ensure that you are equipped with the occupational skills required to stand back on your own two feet after discharge.

Our community support system also encourages insight-building and motivation towards recovery through solution-oriented group therapy interventions and activities.

We understand you!

Cadabam’s recognizes that disorders in the family can also have an impact on caregivers. To ensure the emotional wellbeing of caregivers, our trained professionals work to equip you with all the knowledge and means to care for your loved one while also taking care of yourself. Here, our priority lies in making the recovery journey comfortable for both you and your loved one.

Our treatment does not end with discharge. Through our Post-care services, we ensure that you continue on your road to recovery and get all the support you need.

At Cadabam’s, we care for you. Reach out to us now!