Battling Schizophrenia:
It’s Easier With Us.

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30 years
into Rehabilitation, Reintegration & Recovery
individuals reintegrated back into society every year
bed capacity equipped psychiatric end-to-end facility
state-of-the-art centres equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure

Your Recovery From Schizophrenia, Crafted With Care

Expert diagnosis

Accurate Diagnosis after comprehensive observation.
Dr. Madhukar BR, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Cadabams Group

Tailor-made Plan

Personalized treatment plans reflecting each individual’s unique needs.
A session with the counselor and resident at Cadabams Amitha.


Planned treatment pathway, evidence based therapeutic approach, and an expert medical team in the comfort of home-like surroundings. The Cadabam’s Experience.
Spacious residential quarters at Cadabams Amitha.

Post-Rehab Care

We plan ahead. We focus on your recovery and what happens after your recovery as well. With post-rehab care from Cadabam's, you can retain the progress you made with us, and live a healthy fulfilling life.
A person watching a video conducted by Dr. Vishal Kasal on mental health care and mental illnesses.

Listen from those who have healed with us

I had been suffering from the illness for so long. I didn't think I could have recovered as much as I did until I found Cadabams. After rehabilitation at Cadabams, I have had so much more control over my own life.

Varsha Manoj

My sister was fighting schizophrenia for over 10 years. Cadabam's significantly accelerated her recovery process. I am glad that I found Cadabams, the recovery journey is so much easier here.

Sneha V

My son was suffering from Schizophrenia. We tried many places to get him treated but none worked. We heard about Cadabam's and once we stepped in here, our lives changed. They have helped us immensely and my son is recovering. I never thought I would see him enjoy life again. Thank you Cadabams.

Rahul Bose

Begin your recovery story with us

You'll love staying with us

Luxurious Living

You will recover in the comfort of  home-like surroundings.

Fully Furnished, modern accommodations designed with care make recovery a joy at Cadabams.
Garden at Cadabams Tristar

Modern Amenities

You will recover in the comfort of  home-like surroundings.

Fully Furnished, modern accommodations designed with care make recovery a joy at Cadabams.
Gazebo at Cadabams Tristar

Healthy Cuisine

Our kitchens serve wholesome and homely food while our dieticians ensure that the cuisine is nutritious to facilitate your recovery.
The cooks at Cadabams making nutritious food for the residents.

Recreational Activities

All work and no play can make the day seem monotonous. At Cadabams, that’s never a worry.

With facilities like sports, gym, and gatherings like picnics, outings and much more, there is never a dull moment at our facilities.
Residents playing pool and chess in the game room at Cadabams.
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Proven Expertise Meets Cutting-Edge Infrastructure.

Within the comforts of our rehab centres, lies the core of our recovery experience.

Our advanced infrastructure and our expert professionals come together to accelerate your recovery through medically proven therapeutic approaches.

If we were you, we'd choose us.

Cadabams offers experience with innovation to ensure a comprehensive path to recovery. We call it the Cadabam’s Experience. It is a confluence of expert professionals, advanced infrastructure amidst lush green surroundings, and a commitment to focus on recovery.

This is an experience that is crafted with care, backed up by over 3 decades of experience in mental healthcare.