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ANUNITHA Centre for Alcohol and Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation has innovative programs and follows international standards of care. The de-addiction centre team has evolved many therapeutic interventions keeping up breast with many of the professional bodies of the west and as well as India.

As the individual with problem due to alcohol and drug is unique and different the interventions are also unique to the needs of the individual while broadly some general programs are available. The De-addiction programs mentioned here are not compartments but they are continuum and anybody that needs De-Addiction services can fit into it while individual personal issues are addressed at confidentially personal level.

Alcohol problem being chronic has unique challenge of relapse after all the sincere efforts which on many occasions is a norm than an exception. Hence to prevent relapse and help maintain sobriety ANUNITHA Centre for Alcohol and Drug De addiction and Rehabilitation has developed unique process and tools for sustained and managed care even after discharge for reducing the relapses and maintaining sobriety.

Different Programs


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