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Group Therapy:

ANUNITHA recognises uses the fact that human being are basically social and group living beings which has tremendous influence in shaping behaviour, self image, priorities and goals. On many occasions groups (peer) themselves might have been the reason for individuals to get in to alcohol or drugs eventually leading to addiction. It's logical and right that we use the same group culture and influence for De-Addiction and recovery.

Groups therapy at Anunitha are so planned so that:
  • It helps Resident to learn their Alcohol and Drug abuse behaviour by observing others in the group who would have similar problems.
  • It is so conducted as to in-still hope, where the resident can feel if other person can do it why not Me?
  • The Group therapy at anunitha are conducted in a manner which helps the person develop a structure and discipline in life and learn to share emotions/ideas in the most appropriate manner.
  • Counsellors conduct Group therapy so the person with addiction learn or relearn the social skills needed to cope with everyday life instead of resorting to alcohol or drugs.
  • Trained De-Addiction counsellors conduct Group therapy to enhance peer support and pressure to abstain from alcohol and Drugs.
  • In group therapy it is also planned so that the resident gets feedback which helps him improve his conception of self or others eventually help modify faulty and distorted conceptions.
  • Group therapy at anunitha also encourages, coaches, supports and reinforces the resident participating in the group when thinking and discussing about the anxiety provoking and stressful situations acting as stressors for getting into Alcohol and Drugs.

At ANUNITHA the team of Experts have designed various therapeutic groups keeping mind the various aspects of De-Addiction in Indian context. There are groups to :
  • Enhance Motivation
  • Prevent relapse
  • Solve problems
  • Learn or relearn skills necessary to abstain from alcohol and drugs
  • Learn about the various effects and adverse effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Learn its adverse impact on the social and personal life
  • Better social behaviour and share emotions appropriately
  • Help a resident who is denial about his addiction to alcohol and drugs to acceptance of his addictive behaviour and its consequences
  • Understand and develop better interpersonal relationship

Group Therapy - Anunitha


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