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Behavioural Addiction and Gambling

Behavioural addiction is similar to Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the sense of a particular behaviour replacing alcohol and drugs leading to various problems in personal and other areas of a person's life.

Behavioural addiction is a pattern of behaviour which follows a cycle similar to that of substances. The Behavioural addiction generally begins with the experience of pleasure in association with behaviour and seeking that behaviour. Initially it starts as a way of enhancing their experience of life and later as a way of coping with stress and tension. Eventually the process of seeking out and engaging in the behaviour becomes more frequent and ritualised until it becomes a significant part of the person's daily life overtaking all other activities giving pleasure earlier.

Some of the Behavioural addiction includes
  • Gambling
  • Pornography watching
  • Computer games
  • Internet and Mobile Addiction
  • Internet Game addiction

Treatments like CBT and other psycho social interventions useful in cases of addiction to alcohol and drugs are also helpful in behavioural addiction.


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