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11 Warning signs of Alcoholism

11 Warning signs of Alcoholism

Warning signs alcoholism

11 warning signs of alcoholism

We all drink; at occasions, at social events, etc. but when this drinking consumes our living is when we need to caution ourselves and take a step back. It’s hard to recognize when your alcohol consumption has crossed the line from social use to alcohol abuse. Seeking and finding ways to drink is like threading on dangerous territory. You can never judge when alcoholism can sneak up on and hence it is crucial to be aware of the warning signs and take a step back from being and alcoholic. Understanding the signs of alcoholism is the first step to overcoming it.

  1. Denying about their alcohol use – Being in denial is a tendency seen in individual who have issues with alcohol. They believe that they do not have problem with drinking and can quit it whenever they want but the reality ends up being far from it.      
  2. Lying about their alcohol use – From lying to hiding, individual with a drinking problem would end up taking measure to make it seem like they don’t really have a problem. And hence it is important as their loved ones to look out for signs of their lying and secretive behaviour when it comes to drinking.
  3. Neglecting responsibilities – Because alcohol ends up taking a centre stage, they keep all their responsibilities as secondary. This causes them to slack at work, not care for family members or children, etc. Their usage of alcohol has now crossed the line from an occasional drinking to an important part of their functioning.
  4. Drinking to feel better – When they use alcohol as a means to cope or manage stress, emotional difficulties or general pressures in life they’re threading a dangerous path. Alcohol should not be a source of escapism, when you use it to cope; they create an unhealthy pattern of dealing with their issues hence causing addiction.
  5. Loss of memory – Drinking to a point of having no memory is a red flag for alcoholism. Drinking much more than they can handle causes an array of problem and alcoholism being a top contender for it.
  6. Unable to control their alcohol use – Unable to stay away from alcohol and consuming it to the point of drunkenness is a huge part of the problem, as they have no control over your cravings and end up increasing your threshold.
  7. Disturbances in your relationships – Their consumption of alcohol has gotten to the point where it is now causing problems with their friends, your partner/spouse or their family members. This shows that alcohol taken priority than other important people in their life.
  8. Indulging in risk taking behaviour – Consuming alcohol lowers their inhibitions and their ability to make rational choices hence causing them to make rash decisions and indulging in risk taking behaviours.
  9. Increased tolerance for alcohol – The thing with regular alcohol consumption is that they end up increasing tolerance for alcohol. The high their first drink gave over time reduces causing them to keep increasing their number of drinks. This is a strong indicator that they’re becoming an alcoholic.
  10. Experiencing withdrawal post alcohol use – Withdrawal is basically a reaction that one experiences due to lack of alcohol. Feeling irritable, tired, nauseated, depressed or anxious when they haven’t consumed alcohol is a sign that they’re experiencing withdrawal.
  11. Failed attempts at quitting alcohol – They probably have realized that they have a problem and also attempted in quitting alcohol but have not succeeded. This sign should be enough for your loved one to seriously consider finding help for their addition.

Beware of these warning signs that you may see in your friends and family memebrs. Alcohol addiction is treatable, reach out, get help and get going. Enjoy life. Call us for the best addiction recovery programs at Cadabams Anunitha on +919611194949.

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