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CADABAMíS FILM FESTIVAL ....A Carnival of Films with a Therapeutic aim.

Films have a vivid & enchanting experience while it is also reflecting & depicting society and its culture. Cinemaís in most of the countries including our own Indian has been more than just not being entertainment medium but also has been thought provoking, awakening people and helped in part for social change. We at CADABAMíS organise Film Festival a carnival of world class movies with a therapeutic aim for persons with mental illness.

Watching a movie with conscious awareness can be similar to experiencing guided visualization. It has a magical effect, more than any other story telling medium. They have the power to draw us out of ourselves & into the experience of their characters. Using films as a tool is consistent with traditional aims & methods of Psychotherapy. Films package situations & strategies in narratives that can became basis for discussions before, during & after the viewing. This is the very method & structure of CADABAMíS FILM FESTIVAL.

CADABAMíS FILM FESTIVAL is wholly organized by group of residents of CADABAMíS guided by counsellor. With the resounding success of organising Film Festivals with a therapeutic aim the team surged ahead in organising a work shop on REEL THERAPY to have professionals trained in the utilising movies for therapy. The wells know Reel Therapist Dr Birgit Wolz was flown from USA to conduct the work shop in Bangalore. (For more information see REEL THERAPY)

Cadabamís Film Festival 2012

Cadabamís Film Festival 2011

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