50 First Dates

Henry works in an aquarium on the coastline. At breakfast in a nearby restaurant he meets a girl called Lucy. He spends some time with her and they get to know each other. When he meets her the next day he realises that she has completely forgotten him. One of the restaurant’s staff tell him that she suffers from short term memory loss as a result of being involved in a car accident with her father. Her life has come to a standstill with that. She remembers everything before it and nothing after that. Everyday she goes through the same routine thinking that it is her father’s birthday, the day prior to the day of the accident. Everyday he befriends her and waits for her to fall in love with him all over again. He videotapes the story and makes her realise her predicament. They visit the doctor who tells her that her condition is permanent and there is no help for her. She decides to end the relationship with Henry and he decides to set sail for the Arctic. Midway he realises she remembers him and comes back for her. She is teaching in an art class when Henry asks her if she remembers him. She claims she doesn’t but takes him to her studio and shows him her paintings of him and tells him that she dreams of him every night. He then marries her but everyday she has to be reminded that she is married and has a daughter too. So she finds love even if not her memory. 


Adam is a film about a young man named Adam, who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. Adam lives alone with his father, and after his fathers death, has only a family friend to look after his interests. Adam has a job in a local electronics firm, and is an enthusiastic astronomy buff. One day, a young woman named Beth moves into his apartment block, and soon Adam befriends her, despite the difficulty caused by his disorder. Adam takes pride in showing Beth a representation about outer space on his living room ceiling, and Beth takes equal pride in telling Adam about her job as a teacher. One day, Adam loses his job, and on his way home, stops by at Beth’s school and watches the children playing in the yard. A passing policeman sees Adam, and arrests him for suspicious behaviour around children. Beth finds out and bails out Adam, who is shaken by the experience. Meanwhile, Beth’s father meets her for lunch, during which Beth tells him about Adam, and her father tells her about a pending court trial that he has to attend. Adam meets Beth’s parents in what turns out to be a disatrous meeting. While Beth is attending her fathers trial, Adam sends out job applications. Beth’s father receives a reduced jail sentencfe for larceny and Beth is shattered, at which time Adam travels all the way from his apartment during a storm to seek her out. This is the first time that Adam has ventured out alone. Beths father tries to stop her, but Beth eventually leaves with Adam and returns to her apartment with him. After being rejected by one firm, Adfam lands a job in a different city and asks Beth to go with him. Beth asks Adam whether he wants her to go with him, or whether he needs her to go with him. Saddened by his reply, she decides to go back to her parents’. Adam leaves for his new job, and after a year gets a heart-warming letter from Beth, with a copy of her first book for children. The movies ends by showing how far each have come on their individual journey.

The King Of Comedy

The King of Comedy is a story about an aspiring stand-up comedian named Rupert Pupkin, and his struggle to make it as a successful TV star. It also shows the dark side of Rupert’s personailty, when he has delusions about his relationship with the actual TV star comedian, Jerry Langford, and the lengths to which he goes to prove that the relationship actually exists. Rupert variously tries to impress his girlfriend, his best friend, and even his mother, all in an effort to show that he is on his way to stardom. What starts out as a mere joke gets out of hand when Rupert jumps into Jerry’s car forcibly, and then stalks him, continuously telephones him, visits his office incessantly and then finally even kidnaps him, just to go on air. The movie is a sad portrayal of the struggle by Rupert, how his delusions and unreal aspirations land him in jail, and eventually, albeit inadvertently, how he becomes a true celebrity by penning his memoirs.

The Three Faces Of Eve

This is a documented story of a case history of a woman named Eve White with three personalities. This is a case of multiple personality disorder. Eve is a dreary house wife who has headaches  and spells of loss of memory. She is taken to the doctor who sees nothing wrong with her. One year later her personality undergoes distinct changes where she turns out to be a woman who is flighty. On being taken back to the psychiatrist Dr. Luther he discovers she has another personality inside her. This neccessitates her being separated from her husband and child for treatment. During the course of the treatment her husband divorces her and she manifests another personality named Jane who is more of a stable person. In an attempt to demystify things her psychiatrist puts her under hypnosis where he discovers she has been forced to kiss the dead body of her grandmother as a final farewell. This is the reason for her pschyosis. With the memory she remembers everything right down to her grade teachers and in the process Eve White the housewife and Eve Black the flighty personality disappears leaving behind Jane. Jane then marries again and is reunited with the daughter.

As Good As It Gets

Melvin Udall is suffering from OCD. He is a very difficult neighbour to get along with. He hates his neighbour’s pet dog and his friend, and he is abusive towards him. One day his neighbour Simon who is an artist picks up a man from the street and decides to paint his picture. This man instead of being grateful gathers his friends and together they rob and beat up Simon. As a consequence Simon is hospitalised and Melvin is given the task of looking after Simon’s pet dog. Funnily enough the pet dog develops a bond with Melvin and Melvin, much to his own surprise starts to become more humane and loving. He befriends Carol who is a waitress at his favourite restaurant and even helps her out with her son’s treatment. Carol is grateful and tries to thank him with a note. Simon is discharged from hospital and receives the news that his art show has been a complete failure. As a result he is financially wiped out and his friend Frank advises him to seek his parents’ help. Melvin offers to drive him to his parent’s place and requests Carol to come along. Once they get there Carol finds out that her son is doing so well that she wants to celebrate it. As it turns out Melvin is her date and they go out to a fancy restaurant which requires a dress code. While they are at the restaurant Melvin as usual fumbles and Carol walks out in a huff. She goes back to Simon and Simon gets inspired to sketch her as in the old days with his mom. In doing so his muse is back and he feels ready to take on the world. He decides to not ask his parents for money and manage things on his own. He makes a call to his mom saying that he has no regrets and he is always open to reconciliation with his parents. The three of them return home and Carol refuses to get to know Melvin better because he has been so rude to her. Melvin confides in Simon and Simon advises him to go after Carol and surprise her even though it is 4 in the morning. Melvin goes to Carol’s place and they go for a walk where Melvin tells Carol how much she means to him and how she has made him a better person. While they are walking on the sidewalk they suddenly notice that Melvin’s OCD symptom has disappeared. The movie ends on a warm note with Carol and Melvin happily together again.