In 2011, Cadabam’s organized a Film Festival, which showcased a wide variety of ‘Pro-Life’ films which inspired, motivated and encouraged many residents with a broad spectrum of mental illnesses that included:

  1.  Depression
  2.  Schizophrenia
  3.  Mood disorder
  4.  Personality disorder
  5.  Schizo-affective disorder
  6.  Obsessive compulsive disorder
  7.  Persons with dual diagnoses
  8. Persons with addiction to alcohol and drugs

Many of the residents who participated in the viewing of the films and the group discussions that followed each viewing, reported several benefits.

In pursuance of the Film Festival 2011, Cadabams is going a step ahead with Reel Therapy by organizing an International Reel Therapy Workshop on November 2nd , 2012. Preceded by a Film Festival of three days duration, this workshop will be presented by one of the worlds’ most renowned Reel Therapists, Dr. Birgit Wolz from California, USA. This workshop is open to professionals from the field of Mental Health, as well as students from the social work, psychology and nursing sectors.