Reel Therapy can be effectively applied as a training tool for the corporate sector when used in conjunction with traditional training methodology. Films can be used for sales training, customer service enhancement, grooming, etiquette, corporate objectives, group dynamics and many more. Listed below is a brief description of how the process works…

How it Works

  1. The trainer plays the movie / clip
  2. The employees watch it, keeping certain questions in mind / imbibing certain messages
  3. The trainer and employees discuss the experiences and message.

Movies engage various facets of the human mind, including

  1.  cognitive
  2.  auditory
  3.  visual

all the while simultaneously processing the plot and dialogues of the film in real-time. This is in stark contrast to reading a book, or listening to a lecture.

How it helps…

  1.  Enhance new employee orientation
  2.  Augment corporate training programs & materials
  3.  Introduce and inspire new ideas and discussion points with engaging entertainment

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