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Drug De- Addiction and Rehabilitation

Drug addiction and abuse is as common as alcohol abuse and dependence with much more long lasting and disabling effect on the people abusing. There are many drugs of abuse ranging from cough syrup which is easily available to banned drugs like cannabis or cocaine or LSD and others.

At CADABAM'S people with following drug abuse are commonly seen and treated:

At CADABAM'S Centre for alcohol and Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation specialists deal with each of the drug addiction in the most professional way so that reasons for abuse/dependency are analysed along with its effects on the system and environment of the individual so that holistically all issues are addressed.

It is generally observed that while people who use occasionally these drugs are seldom been able to be identified in the initial days of induction into these drugs are unfortunately recognised when they start manifesting symptoms suggestive of withdrawal or development of a behavioural/mental health issues like hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal, amotivation, anger, inappropriate behaviour and change in personality.

At CADABAM'S Centre for alcohol and Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation the program is tailor made to suit the needs of the individual as needs and requirements are unique to each individual and manifestations of the problems at each stage are different. Here the focus is on not just the drug but also the associated manifested or underlying mental health problem without addressing which recovery is incomplete and efforts are futile. There is equal stress on psycho education of the family also.

The therapeutic programs are similar to that planned and executed for Alcohol dependence and abuse but much more focused here are individual focussed interventions along with group interventions like

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