OCD Symptoms

OCD Symptoms- It is normal, on occasion to go and double check the things that we all missed or not remembered. For instance, checking ‘the door is locked or not’, ‘checking pocket for a wallet’. But what if this loop keeps repeating for ‘n’ number of time. This medical condition is known as obsessive-compulsive disorder […]

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12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymo...

Are you in search of the best recovery process for yourself or for your close one to come out of Alcohol addiction? You are not alone. It is possible with 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous programs. What are these 12 step programs helping quit alcohol and how do they work? Alcoholics Anonymous is a process of […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a chronic disorder that is characterized by feelings of fear, unreasonable or obsessive thoughts such as a person feels the need to repeat a task like washing his/her hands repetitively even when it is unnecessary or arranging the objects over and over again. This can even lead to severe OCD that […]

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What is OCD?

What is OCD behavior!- Nation Institute of Mental Health states that about 2 percent of the population currently suffers from OCD- Which is comparatively higher than the individuals who are suffering from other illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar and ADHD. Researchers believe that both environmental and neurobiological predispositions collectively play a vital role wherein the individual […]

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Types of Addiction

Anything taken to an excessive level can result in addiction.  The types of addiction range from the substance like alcohol to behaviors like gambling. Dependence can be both emotional and behavioral.  Common symptoms are seen in addiction: Numerous failed attempts to stop the behavior Withdrawal symptoms Lack of Control over the intake Risk-Taking Behavior Being secretive about their addictive […]

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Women Celebrities Who Battled Depression



According to rising, Bollywood star, Anushka Sharma, anxiety again is one of her flaws but she continues to battle it with medication as it is a completely normal thing, not something to be ashamed about or hide, just like depression a problem faced by quite some members in her family.

She promotes and raises her voice for psychiatric help via doctors, impairing to it something as simple as a constant stomach pain. Her mission is to educate people and take the factor out of it.



Suffering from dual disorder from bipolar/maniac disorder and substance abuse problem for the last two years , Britney spears moved to Los Angeles at a very young age and would repeatedly complain of being anxious around clubs, parties or even being around a lot of people. She scaled her life down after having her two sons but reports from PEOPLE magazine state that she had not only suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to Preston but that it only got worse once Jayden was born. She has repeatedly said to have maniac episodes and calls herself a very boring person and had finished around 360 different things already with her life, she is now ready for a different era and a different time.



While establishing her credentials as one of Bollywoood’s most sought after actors, she broke down first time upon an HT exclusive after facing mental health struggles. She started a mental health institution to help those who faced trauma just like her. She explained that it had all started out with a fainting from exhaustion accompanied by a feeling of strange emptiness in her stomach. She complained of shallow breathe and lack of concentration after which she constantly had break downs. She put on a brave front for her parents due to her long working hours but after one long talk with her mother Ujjala Padukone she finally decided to get in touch with her family psychologist friend Anna Chandy to get to the root of the cause. Severe complains of problems considering waking up in the morning for Happy New Year shoots made her accept the medication given by the psychologist for second opinion where after with the help of counselling and medication she soon recovered from the shame and stigma she felt attached to her friend’s death, she realised what people required more was just someone to listen to them.



Though her teens and her 20s despite attaining everything in this world, Anglia Jolie had constantly spend her entire time constantly battling depression barely cracking a smile on the red carpet.

Her dark period rose again after the death of her actor-mother Marchline Bertrand who passed away in 2007. Using the movie wanted as a means of coping with this particular onset of depression she admitted to just want to do something physically exhausting just to get it out of her head s she felt that success at a young age had made her feel like she was going into a dark place where the need for fame and money and decent books gives you the ability to have anything in this world via the industry. She found it hard to place herself anywhere that would make her feel less empty.

Despite her prestigious awards, social work or other acting skills she has not been able to prevent herself from the clasps of suicidal and homicidal ideation in the 1990s voluntarily seeking professional help, she was diagnosed with presumptive borderline personality disorder and soon manage to return other celebrities who have gone under various mental illness. While certain celebrities prefer to be private about their mental illness most like Angelina, Adele, Demi, prefer to encourage people to talk about them publicly to help others accept their proper diagnosis, treatment instead of evading the truth and leading oneself into darkness.

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