Relapse can always bring a full stop to a refreshed curing therapy. What causes this to happen? As cited below through a few examples, are negative emotional states, physical discomfort, positive emotional states, conflicts with others etc.etc. Most important to remember is that relapse doesn’t mean that the treatment process is a failure or the […]

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ECT- A prompt and effective cu...

It’s a pity that even over 70 years after the first successful demonstration of its efficacy in the treatment of acute mental illnesses like schizophrenia, there is still very little informed public opinion about Electroconvulsive Therapy or ECT. Although, it is a fact that ECT is one of the most effective method for treating severe […]

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Yoga and beating alcoholism

Alcoholism is the dependency on alcohol that has a physiological and psychological impact on a person’s life. According to WHO, about 30% of Indians consume alcohol, out of which 4-13% are daily consumers and up to 50% of these, fall under the category of hazardous drinking. Another worrying trend from India is that the average […]

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Beating Addiction Stigma and S...

Recent Post How to find the best psychiatric hospital in Bangalore? It also provides the facility for family members to stay along with the patient; who gives them a better understanding of the…….. Is Manic Depression Genetic/ Hereditary? A chemical known as serotonin in the brain, has strong affects on an individual’s mood. The abnormalities […]

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Recent Post How to find the best psychiatric hospital in Bangalore? It also provides the facility for family members to stay along with the patient; who gives them a better understanding of the…….. Is Manic Depression Genetic/ Hereditary? A chemical known as serotonin in the brain, has strong affects on an individual’s mood. The abnormalities […]

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What is a Bipolar Disorder Test?

Bipolar Disorder

You may wonder why they use tests for anxiety or depression or for any other psychological illness…

Any tests are considered as a tool to measure or determine. In order to understand the meaning of bipolar disorder test, we need to know the meaning of Bipolar Disorder. In simple terms, bipolar disorder is recognized by both manic and depressive episodes and manic ones only. The signs of this disorder usually include hopelessness, helplessness, feeling like being a burden to the people who love them, alcohol or drug abuse and suicidal thoughts and talks.

Why Bipolar Test is Helpful?

It will be really a tough time without any tools or tests because just by looking into the symptoms alone we cannot make any conclusion; this is where bipolar test comes in the game. These tests serve to determine whether a person actually has been suffering from bipolar disorder or it is something else. Some patients diagnosed with either depression or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) may be misdiagnosed and suffering from bipolar disorder, so the only way to ensure what is proper diagnosis is to take the test. The test usually has two different sheets, with two sets of statements, since bipolar patients suffer from signs and symptoms of both mania and depression.

To have a brief idea of signs of mania in the Bipolar test; participants are usually asked to choose between agree or disagree with statements like I can’t seem to stop talking extremely fast, I feel restless, I have a lot of sexual energy or I am spending a lot of money on different things I can’t afford, I feel powerful and have lots of energy, I don’t need much sleep or something like – I can’t be focused on anything for a long time.

On the other hand signs of depression in bipolar test, the participants agree or disagree with various statements like, I am really sad most of the time, I don’t feel like talking to people, I think about death a lot and have suicidal tendencies, I don’t sleep well at night and I am very restless, I don’t feel like eating much, I feel like eating all the time or I am mad at everybody and everything and I have little to no sexual energy.

Diagnose with Bipolar Test

There may be numerous signs and symptoms; we should not jump to any conclusion. To make a proper diagnosis and to form an appropriate treatment plan, these tests are the best tools. The tests that are used are paper pencil tests, projective tests and personality tests. These tests are standarized and structured, simple in language. So, to conclude: the proper the diagnoses the higher the effectiveness of the treatments.

If you or someone you know is finding it hard to deal with a Bipolar disorder visit to know about the bipolar test and treatment options for your loved one’s suffering from a Bipolar. You can also call us @+91 96111 94949 to book an appointment right away for a counseling session with our best psychiatrist to get treatment for the same.


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