Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Substance abuse causes substance addiction. It is a chronic disease characterized by the compulsive need to seek sub irrespective of its harmful effects. It causes lasting changes in the brain. In order to recover and undo effects of the substance, the individual and his family members must undertake rehabilitative measures. Rehabilitation helps encourage the addicted […]

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10 Things people who have over...

Alcohol addiction is more than just a drinking problem. It is a biological, progressive, chemical and a fatal disease. It can enlighten a sense of urgency and necessity due to its dependence but overcoming an addiction is so entrenched it is not an easy feat. People who have overcome addiction have been sailed two ships; […]

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Depression in Women

One in four women experiences depression at some point in time in their life. And women are twice as likely to experience clinical depression than men. Still wondering why the women in your life are crying most of the time, or feeling persistently sad, and has no interest in anything. Here is your answer: she […]

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The Family Impact: The social disadvantage and subordination of women on the one hand. And the rapid socio-cultural and economic changes on the other have significantly altered traditional structures and institutions within society. Such changes are invariably associated with social upheaval and drug abuse is a known outcome of such change. Drug abuse poses various […]

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Reinventing Mindful Eating

Reinventing Mindful Eating: Eating is an inevitable activity of everyday life. There was a time when this activity was carried on with utmost mindfulness, i.e. prayers were offered before beginning the meals, and after ending the meals slokas like Annapoorne Sada Poorne, Shankara Prana Vallabhe, Trayam were recited. Offering supplication (Du’ä) by Islam followers during the meal, […]

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The Effects of Snorting Cocaine

Anunitha Cocaine 3Cocaine is one of the most powerful and dangerous stimulant drug in the world. It creates a sense of euphoria and increased energy in a person. The effect is almost immediate, which lures a person for a little recreational use time and again, making it difficult for him to say no to cocaine addiction.

The short-lived euphoria results in craving that prompts drug re-use or even binge consumption. Binge consumption refers to a repeated use of the drug in increasing amount, taken over a small timeframe, to experience the same high. Binge consumption also occurs when the person is addicted to drug for long, as the threshold of cocaine tolerance increases significantly in shorter period of time.

Cocaine is usually consumed by smoking, snorting or injecting in the body. Depending on the method, the time taken to experience the high, and the time for which the effect lasts can vary. Each of these methods poses its own risks.

Inhaling cocaine through nostrils is called -’Snorting’. The cocaine in this case travels through nasal passages and gets absorbed in the blood stream. The high induced from snorting relatively lasts longer – about 15-30 minutes, compared to other consumption methods. But the side-effects of cocaine snorting are equally grave.

  • A person can lose a sense of smell even with occasional episode of snorting cocaine.
  • It can lead to tissue erosion, nasal septal perforation, inflammation of air passages in nasal cavity. The thinning of the blood vessels in the nostrils can lead to nosebleed.
  • Snorting cocaine can also lead to sinus and other respiratory infections, causing a runny or stuffy nose.
  • It can irritate and damage the trachea region along with the nasal cavity. This leads to throat swelling, hoarse throat or voice and difficulty in swallowing.

Other long-term side effects of cocaine can include –

  • Increased tolerance level and de-sensitized brain receptors. This leads to increased dependence on higher amount of cocaine to induce similar effect.
  • Increased anxiety.
  • Lack of muscle control, which is more pronounced in prolonged cocaine abuse cases.
  • Cardiovascular problems – Chest pain, Arrhythmia or even a Heart Attack
  • Loss of appetite leading to abnormal weight loss.
  • Neurological problems including seizures.

A combined behavioural and pharmacological therapy addresses both – a person’s physical and psychological dependence in cocaine addiction cases. The continued therapy not only enables a person to overcome the addiction and helps him in staying sober.


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