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Psychosocial rehabilitation is the most effective approach that responds to multiple needs of healthy living. It is an evidence-based practice that aims towards an individual’s recovery from psychiatric illness and difficult/ emotional situations. Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses to increase the possibilities of individual’s symptom management, personal improvement, social re-integration and quality of life. With guided practices, […]

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While drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition, it is also treatable. If you are a professional who is dealing with drug addiction here’s how inpatient Drug rehab can play a crucial role in addiction recovery. An inpatient drug rehab can be the best option for someone’s seeking sobriety after battles with drug abuse. Read […]

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Mystery of Motivation Thought

Motivation Thought

How many of us decided to wake up early & do the exercise or Yoga, just to stop after few days. How many of us enthusiastically stopped all cigarettes, started workup, guitar classes, aerobic training program… Etc.  Only to stop after a while, due to lack of motivation. We quickly lose motivation and stop pursuing what we have enthusiastically started. This happens quite often, to most of us. So how to keep ourselves motivated? Let’s understand what is a motivation? Why we need it and tips to keep ourselves motivated to reach our goals/ accomplish what we have planned.

Motivation Thought

The word “Motivation Thought” is an intangible concept as it can be felt, experienced and observed in the form of behavioral output. The word “motivation” is derived from the Latin verb movere (to move). Behavioral theories (conditioning) view as an increased or continual level of responding to a stimulus brought about by reinforcement or reward.

So motivation is an inner driving force in order to achieve goals/ accomplish anything/ bring in desired behavioral change. A simple want or desire is not enough to take an action. A want is a weak desire, but only a strong desire can drive or push oneself forward to accomplish one’s goals.

How to Get Motivated

In order to get motivated :

  • Set your mind on things that push you forward then pull you back.
  • Be aware that a good goal has the bit of pushing &pulling.
  • Have clarity on what exactly you want.
  • Set a clear and sharp goal.
  • Writing it down is helpful.
  • This is not enough put all “wh” questions,  “why” I want to, how I should, when, where, how –should I … etc.  e.g-: if you want to cut down all 10 cigarettes you are smoking or want to lose 5 kgs of weight apply all “wh” questions and find clarity in goal.
  • Don’t just stop here go further and ask how does it matter stopping cigarette, losing weight? Why care about this?
  • Keep drilling with all “wh” questions till you get a core of what your motivation is/ what motivates you.
  • Any goal we set should have richness and detail.
  • Remember to do something on every single day/ take one day at a time.
  • Socialize with people who have achieved goals, who have similar interest.
  • Don’t procrastinate, procrastination leads to laziness, drips motivation.
  • Despite of failures & difficulties be persistent and do not give up.
  • Keep at least 10 minutes every day to think of the benefits of what you want to do.
  • Work towards goals on the everyday basis
  • Visualize the success to strengthen the desire
  • Keep repeating affirmations which empower your motivation

Build Motivation Thought everyday

SHORT SPURTS OF ENTHUSIASM are not enough we should keep our inner desire & flame.

If your goal is really important,  apply above tips to strengthen your motivation and keep moving forward, and tell me why can’t you stop all the cigarettes, lose 5 kgs of weight, continue Zumba/ Aerobic classes?! Can’t you!? You can.