Short term psychiatric rehab c...

Someone, you know is having bipolar disorder? Then probably you should be knowing how short-term psychiatric rehab center can help. What is Short-term Psychiatric Rehabilitation? Short term psychiatric rehabilitation is one among the effective treatment option for bipolar disorder. Also, the best way to guide the individual reintegrate back into society and live a productive […]

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Managing Stress in Addiction R...

Addiction recovery involves rebuilding a life that includes enhanced responsibility—that can increase stress. Stress, like emotions, none of us wants to experience. What makes you strong and resilient in your recovery, however, is how you handle the unavoidable reality of life. Addiction recovery is all about driving the wave of life and not letting the […]

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Painkiller Addiction is Real

A recent survey by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) suggests that – globally, 5.6% of people (i.e 275 million) use painkillers/ prescribed opioid/ tranquilizers on a regular basis. The average age of the users is 15-64 years of age. Also, the World Drug Report suggests that painkillers/ prescribed opioid/ tranquilizers contribute […]

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Treatment Options for Alzheime...

Mrs S’s 70-year-old husband forgot to pick the grandkids from school today. She did notice something has been up with him lately but just couldn’t understand what. Is old age catching up to him? He never remembers anything she tells him to do these days. Sometimes he has difficulty remembering the names of some family […]

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Acceptance in Addiction Recove...

What does Acceptance mean in Addiction Recovery? Addiction to drugs or alcohol is like the ‘monkey on the back’. When your life has been affected by it, it’s easy to beat yourself up and feel excessive guilt and shame. But that sort of behaviour is never going to drive you to commit to the life-long […]

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5 Most Common Depression Causes in Women- Did you know?

Depression is Real– People can smile all day and stay still broken inside. Apparently, a recent study from the National Institute of Mental Health and Sciences has revealed that women are twice likely to develop depression compared to men. So what is that associated with the increased chances of depression developing more in women? We will tell you about the most Common Depression Causes in Women- Read on and get to know in detail.


5 Major Depression causes and symptoms in Women- Did you know?

  • Hormonal changes:

During pregnancy or post-delivery stage, women undergo many hormonal changes. At this point in their lifetime, they deal with mood swings and a plethora of emotional upheavals that include sadness or depression, irritation. Hence such change clubbed with high-stress levels can lead to a higher risk of depression. Clinically it is known as post-partum depression.

  • Disputed personal relationships:

Women, generally, get more involved in their relationships. When relationships get disrupted and do not work in their expectations, it can be upsetting to them. What adds more is the everyday struggle of juggling between their family and job responsibilities. It will, in turn, cause unbearable pressure, eventually leading to depression.

  • Lack of a support system:

Women, in general, require more care and love in order to lead a fulfilling life.  Therefore, lacking support can have a negative impact on the brain increasing their chance of developing depression.

  • Personality issues:

Women are more likely to suffer from concerns related to body image, especially during puberty, which ultimately leads to depression. They go through many physical as well as mental changes causing tremendous changes in one’s lifestyle, relationships or coping skills, which eventually leads to depression.

  • Increased worry and stress:

Stress is a significant factor affecting women more as compared to men according to recent studies. It is because the chance of women facing difficult situations such as sexual assaults, abuses or domestic violence is higher.

Remember, depression is such a devastating thing, more to this is it does not seem to go away on its own.


Depression helpline India | Depression Treatment

Depression can make life more challenging since it involves intense emotions of negativity, sadness, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and hopelessness. Although depression can happen to anyone. One must not take it lightly since it can affect almost every aspect of one’s life, be it physically or mentally, work or relationships.

“Depression can seem like a huge mountain to climb for the ones affected by it.

Also, social disapproval and distancing the person’s right to live a normal life can make it even worse.

If you or your loved one is diagnosed with depression and is looking for information about the best depression treatment, we can help you. Call us at our depression helpline +91 96111 94949 or visit Cadabam’s. We are happy to help you with the necessary details about anything and everything about depression causes, symptoms, effects and treatments.