How to Stop Porn Addiction?

As most of us realize there is a great and lot deal of porn floating around the web these days. With porn so easy to come by it, there is also a little surprising fact that porn addiction is on the rise and no wonder how it is fueled. Many people will and may be […]

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Mystery of Motivation Thought

How many of us decided to wake up early & do the exercise or Yoga, just to stop after few days. How many of us enthusiastically stopped all cigarettes, started workup, guitar classes, aerobic training program… Etc.  Only to stop after a while, due to lack of motivation. We quickly lose motivation and stop pursuing […]

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Plight of a person diagnosed w...

“I don’t’ have the freedom to laugh loudly”- The title of the article comes from an experience shared by one of the patient diagnosed with mood disorder Or Bipolar Affective Disorder, in short BPAD. It revealed how an illness condition can have a life-long impact on a person’s life. What are Mood Disorders? Mood disorders […]

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Why do Drug Addicts Relapse? K...

Why do some drug addicts keep relapsing, while other people seem to embrace recovery and start living a successful, drug-free life again? The question confounds us all and has been discussed at great lengths. Here are some of the reasons that we have found that people continue to fail and what to do for drug […]

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Can internet usage develop int...

“There is a difference in reading a book when there is no significant necessity. Similarly, usage of the internet cannot be justified when there is no cause”. There is an ongoing psychological debate on this difference where internet addiction is often misunderstood with internet use. Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is characterized by many hours spent […]

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M-A-D @ Workplace { Manage Addiction related Disorders at Workplace }


Are you a frequent smoker and reasoning it as  “Due to high tension at workplace”

Are you an alcoholic and reasoning it as “Heavy stress at workplace”

Are you a drug abuser and reasoning it as “I can be more creative in workplace”  


“Research and statistics shows that social drinker or drug user is more dangerous than the one who addicted to it”


Enough is enough! It’s time put an end to all your defense mechanisms. At the end of the day,  you are the sufferer. If you are you still not aware of addiction-related disorders – here is your chance to save yourself!

Addiction is a habitual dependence on a practice of consuming any substances which negatively influences both mentally and physically.

As per American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV) and World Health Organization [WHO](ICD-10) – An addiction must meet at least minimum 3 specifications on the following categories

  1. Tolerance- Are you a frequent and more consumption of alcohol or drug over time?
  2. Withdrawal- When you trying to stop using the substance are you encountering physical and emotional withdrawal? Click here to know about withdrawal symptoms
  3. Limited control- Are you consuming substance more than your last time? Do you get high to feel the pleasure of high always?
  4. Craving at the negative situation- Are you intaking substances even though you are going through negative consequences like mood out, jobless, relationship break-up, and etc?
  5. Neglecting activities- Are you a person who isolates yourself from social, work, school or other responsible activities for the sake of taking the substance.
  6. Spending energy and time- Are you spending more amount of time on planning, obtaining, using or even thinking about substance always?
  7. Plan to cut down- Have you ever made unsuccessful attempts on omitting the habit or controlling the habit of substance abuse?


In case you are hiding this addiction from your friends and family, that is not a great idea. You are just subtracting the mileage of your quality of life


What is a mental illness or disorder?

Mental illness is a state of health condition that involves both mental and physical changes in thoughts and behavior of an individual who finds difficulty in the functioning at work, society, and family.


How does addiction co-occur with mental illness?

The ultimate outcome of frequent usage or craving of substance abuse is simply called as addiction, which changes the fundamental functional pattern of the brain. This pattern factor leads to change of thoughts and behavior, sometimes there is a much chance left for the individual to enhance “comorbidity”

‘Comorbidity’ is a term used for the individuals who encounter one or more disorders or illness. For more information click here


However, researchers show some possibilities are vice-versa for the co-occurrences as follows.

  • More than 90% of the addicted individuals falls on this basket which suggests, the individuals who begin the early habit in their younger teenage the brain might encounter dramatic changes inside and switches the pattern to increase the risk of mental disorders
  • An individual might take high-risk psychosis when he /she intake any form of substance abuse which comes under risk behavior

Psychosis: A form of disorder contains symptoms like delusions or hallucinations which in regular intake lead to paranoia or schizophrenia. For more information click here

  • The individual who encounters anxiety or depression may rely on substance intakes such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs to get rid of their symptoms temporarily.
  • May genetic factors play an important role and tend to make an individual susceptible to both disorder and addiction which might have a greater risk of developing
  • Research shows that social drinker or substance abuser is more dangerous than one who addicted to it. here environmental factors like friends get together or workplace colleagues influences or trigger an individual to behave as a social drinker or a substance abuser.

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