My Dad and Dementia

Hello, everyone! Am Naaz (name changed), working as a writer in a reputed company. All am going to share is a few words about my lovely dad’s dementia. Like every other kid in this world, I too grew up by seeing my dad as a hero. His biggest plus is being nice to everyone without […]

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Relapse can always bring a full stop to a refreshed curing therapy. What causes this to happen? As cited below through a few examples, are negative emotional states, physical discomfort, positive emotional states, conflicts with others etc.etc. Most important to remember is that relapse doesn’t mean that the treatment process is a failure or the […]

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ECT- A prompt and effective cu...

It’s a pity that even over 70 years after the first successful demonstration of its efficacy in the treatment of acute mental illnesses like schizophrenia, there is still very little informed public opinion about Electroconvulsive Therapy or ECT. Although, it is a fact that ECT is one of the most effective method for treating severe […]

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Yoga and beating alcoholism

Alcoholism is the dependency on alcohol that has a physiological and psychological impact on a person’s life. According to WHO, about 30% of Indians consume alcohol, out of which 4-13% are daily consumers and up to 50% of these, fall under the category of hazardous drinking. Another worrying trend from India is that the average […]

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Beating Addiction Stigma and S...

Recent Post How to find the best psychiatric hospital in Bangalore? It also provides the facility for family members to stay along with the patient; who gives them a better understanding of the…….. Is Manic Depression Genetic/ Hereditary? A chemical known as serotonin in the brain, has strong affects on an individual’s mood. The abnormalities […]

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Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

A number of reasons spike when you question as to why people get addicted to the Drugs. Some of them simply use it to see what it feels like while others take it to come out of their depression and stress problems. No matter what is the reason, the use of drugs can eventually lead to a chemical dependency leading to drug addiction.


Drug addiction refers to the obsessive use of high amounts of drugs and causing an appearance of withdrawal symptoms to appear when not using the drugs.


Drug abuse not only hurts the people who take it but also the ones around you, including your families, friends. Of the most important, do you know what are the worst-case scenarios of drug addiction? Drug addiction can pose serious negative consequences not only on the well-being of a person but also on the physical, mental as well as professional life. Know the effects of drug addiction and learn how you can live a sober life away from addiction.


Health Effects of Drug Addiction


The drug addiction effects include the cost of the healthcare systems and the justice. Most often a violent behavior closely related to drug abuse is responsible for the disability of about 58.3 million people around the world. Let us see how drug addiction affects the health system of the drug addict here-





The physical effects of drug abuse vary typically in all systems of the human body. Some of the primary effects of drug addiction include-


  • Irregularities in the Heart
  • Respiratory problems such as emphysema, lung cancer, and breathing problems
  • Pain in the abdomen, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Liver and Kidney damage
  • Seizures, brain damage, stroke,
  • Changes in the appetite, sleeping patterns, and body temperature.



  • Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction



The psychological effects come from the reason as to why the user is addicted to the drugs. Some of the Psychological Effects of drug addiction include-


  • Depression, mood swings, anxiety, violence, paranoia
  • Complication of psychiatric illness
  • Decrease in energy levels
  • Engage oneself in risky behaviors
  • Confusion





  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Aggressiveness
  • Impaired iudgment
  • Loss of Self-Control
  • Impulsiveness



  • Birth Defects from Drug Addiction



About 4% of the pregnant women in United States use drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs that pose a danger to the pregnant woman and the babies as well.


How to get help for Drug addiction- Drug Addiction Treatment centers


If your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, you need not worry as you can get a help to fight against this battle before you get to meet the worst-scenarios. There are drug rehab centers which offer a valuable support and care your loved one needs to beat drug addiction and regain their control over life. The first and the foremost step to recovery is to rid your body of the substance.


A professional drug detox program can be more helpful to withdraw from the drug addiction more comfortably and safely while giving you the round the clock medical as well as psychiatric care. This is usually a short-term form of drug addiction treatment after which many patients transit to ongoing substance abuse treatments which are either offered as an inpatient or as an outpatient program.


Although the drug treatment centers do offer programs depending on the philosophy, and most of the rehabs provide therapies such as group counseling, individual therapy, drug education, medication-assisted treatment, medical care, and aftercare planning as well.
If you or closed one is suffering from the effects of drug addiction, visit us on or call us @+91 96111 94949 to talk to a treatment specialist or an addiction counselor today and learn about the treatment options for the same.