Everything You Need To Know Ab...

What is a rehabilitation center? A rehabilitation centre is a place where an individual can work over his addiction issues under supervised environments that aid addiction recovery with ease. All these treatments and therapies are carried out by well-trained mental health professionals including a psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, psychologists, counselors, nurses & support staffs. With the […]

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Psychological revelation behin...

Folie à Famille translated ‘a folly of family’, the term talks about a shared psychotic disorder among a group of family members as opposed to shared between two people (folie à deux). This is a rare condition because of which effective treatments have not been well-established. However, last week we saw an incident in Delhi […]

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Are You Feeling Suicidal? How ...

Wanting to overcome suicidal thoughts? Firstly, the thought to overcome the suicidal thoughts itself is a sign of positivity. You may think feeling suicidal is a sign of permanent weakness and flew. Actually, it isn’t, feeling suicidal is just a temporary negative mindset that makes you experience intense sadness. During this intense episode majority of […]

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How to Help Someone with Drug ...

Want to help someone with Drug and Alcohol Addiction? A relative, a dear friend, a sibling, a co-worker? Early drug and alcohol abuse education is one of the best ways to start with. Everyone involved needs to be educated, from parents and educators to children and adults. Each needs to know the risks of altered […]

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Depression is an Illness, Not ...

For as long as health professionals can remember, our country has developed a negative stigma towards depression illness. People suffering from depression tend to suffer in silence, or not seek the appropriate treatment because of the shame associated with admitting they have a mental illness. Currently, people diagnosed with depression illness are viewed as broken, […]

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Do you think you have Obsessive Cleaning?

Obsessive Cleaning (OCD), obsessive compulsive disorder

What is obsessive cleaning disorder

The cleaning and/or washing type of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common type among other types. Here the individual engages in cleaning or washing rituals and it can be directed towards self or the environment.

In the cleaning/washing type the obsession, there is fear of contamination. Fear that the individual would get ‘dirty’ or infected from various things which might make them sick and eventually cause death. The cleaning or washing behaviour can be categorized into two:

  1. Where the individual cleans everything around them and themselves
  2. Cleans or washes only when contacts certain objects, visit certain places or after a particular task such as toileting.

The first group of individuals try to stay cautious to contamination or ‘germs’ in general, they fear they would fall sick, while the second group follows the cleaning behaviour to get rid of the ‘dirty’ feel after a particular act or contact with a particular thing.

Cleaning directed towards self

Individuals who engage in ritualistic behaviour of cleaning themselves belief they have come in contact with the ‘dirt’ or ‘germ’ and try to get rid of it. The cleaning behaviour can range from simply washing hands multiple times a day to scrubbing harshly with disinfectants.

The individual may clean and scrub themselves to the extent that the skin gets rashes, bruised, red and even bleed. The behaviour in the second group mentioned can be dangerous. For example, if the individual ritualistically cleans themselves after toileting, they might use a lot of toilet paper and rub the area too hard, at time they might also use antiseptics. All these may harm and injure the area and as these areas are sensitive and do not heal soon it could lead to other health issues and infections.

The individuals mentioned here are the ones who focus a lot on themselves and then there is another type of individuals who completely ignore these areas thinking they would get infected if they touch it. Here again ignoring these areas would again lead to devastating health issues.

Cleaning directed towards the environment

Here the individual cleans their surrounding fearing that they would get infected. These individual might spend their entire day clean every inch of their house. Even a small peck of dirt may trigger their thoughts and they might end up cleaning the entire house. They may use a lot of anti bacterial disinfectants which may again cost them financially. Also while cleaning they may end up spending a lot of time in contact with water; this again may cause infection damaging their skin. Here again the individual may focus and clean certain areas while entirely ignoring the other regions. Example, the individual may spend too much time cleaning the bathroom but ignoring and having messy bedroom.

The rationale behind the cleaning/washing behaviour has meaning and makes sense to only the individual and make no sense to others in the family, thus they may fail to understand and support the individual. At times if the individual is interrupted while doing the behaviour they might again start all over again. All the mentioned behaviour takes a lot of time and causes extreme distress to the individual but with proper professional help and support it can be reduced.

However casual this may sound but is terribly stressing for the person suffering from this OCD. But there is hope. With appropriate pharmacological interevention, psychotherapy such as Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) is made available with our professionals at Cadabams. Rehabilitation works wonders with people who have difficulty managing self at home. Call us for any queries on +919611194949.

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