What Is Amphetamine? Amphetamine is a form of synthetic stimulant type drug. It can provide a feeling of high competence to the individual’s central nervous system. In this period of time, the body might feel increased concentration and energy. Earlier, amphetamine was used to treat the mental health conditions. It can treat the conditions such […]

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia in...

Why Psychiatric Care is a Social Taboo in India: People approach multispeciality hospitals to visit cardiology, neurology, gastrology and everything but they won’t prefer to see a psychiatrist. Because in India, visiting a psychiatric care is considered as a social taboo. The individual feels that “What my friends and family will think of me if […]

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Heroin Addiction- What makes H...

Heroin addiction began in the early 1900’s as the substance was produced and sold legally for the treatment of opiate addiction and other assortments of ailments. It was believed that heroin was no addictive or so the doctors were told it was not. Later they stopped producing it once they began to see many people […]

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How to know if It’s signs of D...

“Lisa was diagnosed with Dementia at the age of 45 after memory loss and difficulty multitasking resulted in a poor performance report at her job as a nurse. The diagnosis quickly altered Lisa’s life and plans. Not only did she lose her job, but her plans for retirement drastically changed as well. She had expected […]

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Sobriety can feel like”S...

Congratulations to you have made the most difficult decision of your life: the decision to getting sober. Addiction sneaks up on us very slowly, and sooner or later it grabs us and takes control of our lives. If this has happened to you, then what we need to do is to take a good look […]

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Bipolar Disorder

Do you know 20% of the people who complain about their depression problems to their doctors actually suffer from Bipolar disorder?


When we talk of a mental illness, we come across a number of types. Don’t we? But of them, the mood disorders are the one’s which is hard to spot. Do you know the high and low emotional levels of mood swings can leave your life in danger? Because your dramatic mood swings may be the sign of a Bipolar disorder.


A bipolar disorder is usually characterized by manic depressions and extreme mood swings. In some cases, a person may experience mixed mood swings such that he or she may feel depressed and also excited at the same moment. These may last for about weeks or even some months. Suicidal behavior and thoughts are very common among the people who deal with bipolar disorder. They often tend to hurt themselves.


An early recognition of the signs and learning of the Bipolar Disorder Symptoms is the first and foremost step to the way to betterment and wellness. A person suffering from bipolar disorder shows the following warning signs and symptoms.


Warning signs of Bipolar Disorder


  • The person feels hopeless, sad and irritated
  • They lack energy
  • Face difficulty in concentration of things
  • Lack of appetite and sleeplessness
  • Person develops suicidal thoughts and has a self-doubt
  • The person becomes illogical and delusional
  • Person gets easily distracted or agitated
  • Sometimes he or she might be overconfident in their abilities
  • Highly aggressive or impatient


The exact cause of a bipolar disorder is not known, but still, there are few risk factors that can lead to the development of this disorder. The factors include-


  1. It may be due to hereditary. Having a parent or a sibling who’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
  2. It may be because of the biological differences in the brain.
  3. High-stress levels such as a traumatic cause or the death of a close one.
  4. It might be due to using drug abuse or alcohol abuse.


Help for Bipolar Disorders


Bipolar Disorders, if left untreated can lead to various life problems such as drug abuse, suicide attempts, legal problems, broken relationships, poor performance at work, etc. Hence it is good if you get an early diagnosis for the same.


Most of the people do not identify the warning signs and do not get the necessary aid that can help them do well. Bipolar disorder might seem to be confusing and subtle, but help is available! This disorder tends to weaken the person with time. Hence if you or the one close to you is at an immediate risk, it is advisable you forthwith with the best treatment options from the available ones.


A proper support and treatment are often necessary to get through the Bipolar disorder and live a fulfilling life. Various treatment programs are available for treating a bipolar disorder such as medications, psychotherapies, behavioral therapies, etc.


Ignoring the signs will worsen the life of your loved one. Visit to know more about the causes, effects, and treatments for bipolar disorders. You can also call us @+919611194949 right away to seek an appointment with our best psychologist or psychiatrist for the same.




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