Is Parkinson’s a form of...

Yes, Parkinson’s disease is a type of Dementia. It is a progressive disorder that affects changes in the body movement. The average age of onset of Parkinson’s disease is 60 years and the longer somebody has it, the more likely they are to develop dementia. What causes the illness? What are the symptoms, risk factors […]

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Dementia Caregiver Stress

Frankly, caregiving is not an easy task to do. The role of a caregiver demands more patience, better understanding, self-discipline, above all a scads of responsibilities. If you are into this role, firstly, pat yourself on your back, you are doing a fabulous job! A recent study published by the National Academy of Science suggests […]

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Dementia Caregiver: Top Five T...

Are you a dementia caregiver? Reading this blog may assist you in caring for your family member or adored one suffering from dementia.   The fact is: caring for someone with dementia is not easy. At a point, it might make you feel quite exhausting. To subdue those situations, you need to learn more about […]

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Long Term Care for Dementia

If you have a loved one with dementia and you’re caring for them, it’s important for you to understand options for long term care for dementia. Remember that you also need to carefully evaluate the quality and service of care. Here’s help for you on how and what to know about long term dementia care. […]

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Warning Signs of Drug abuse in...

It’s not groundbreaking news that the teenage can be one of the most difficult periods of one’s life. The lives of millions of teens experience physical, mental, and emotional growth. But not every teenager handles this growth in the same way. And not every parent of a teenager knows exactly how to cope with during […]

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Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

Not only alcohol addiction but also alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening. If, you are planning to overcome it alone! Yes, seeking the right support and guidance is much important when it comes to getting rid of alcohol. This is because the symptoms appearing during withdrawal that can prove fatal.
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur as a result of significant reduce in the alcohol consumption, especially in cases of binge drinkers. The distressing symptoms caused by alcohol withdrawal includes- headache, weakness, insomnia, nausea, tremors, etc. These symptoms begin two hours after the last drink and continue for weeks. They range from light anxiety to serious complications such as delirium tremens causing death.


Since these symptoms in a person worsen with time, the alcohol withdrawal treatment methods are suggested. Seeking medical treatments reduce the risk of delirium tremors and seizures.


Treatment options for Alcohol Withdrawal


The main goal of alcohol withdrawal treatment is to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, prevent the difficulties of alcohol use and acquire abstinence. There are different treatment options for alcohol withdrawal like-

  • Medical Detox programs– This active treatment program helps the person to get rid of the toxins. It is achieved by assisting with some medication-assisted therapies addressing the symptoms and dangers of withdrawal.
  • Inpatient treatment- This treatment option requires staying in a rehab center. The patient will go through various recovery programs helping in to overcome alcohol addiction. The inpatient facilities offer intensive care with clinical management and keen monitoring in deviating the symptoms. A rehab center is often the best option for the alcohol addicts. They help the person prevent from triggers and provide a live recovery to live a balanced life.
  • Outpatient treatment- This facilitates to undergo treatment at home instead of a rehab center. It is often an independent option for treatment. The person may continue to work as the treatment would be scheduled accordingly.
  • Integrated treatment programs– It targets the patients with both substance abuse disorder and mental illness and known to be the most effective ways to get complete recovery.

Help your loved one today from Alcoholism!
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms shift violently and quickly from minor to severe conditions. If you realize that you or someone you are close to is abusing alcohol then all you need to do is the first step to ‘Speak Up‘. Learn the red flags of alcohol addiction and save them from getting deeper into it.


Sometimes, a good support from family and friends will provide a motivation to stay a sober life. In worst cases, alcohol rehab counseling is advisable to overcome this alcohol withdrawal challenge.
Stop battling with alcohol addiction alone and get your life back by getting into a treatment program today. Visit Cadabam’s Anunitha for a secure, safe and a comfortable environment during the alcohol withdrawal phase. Start to focus on to live a healthy life! Reach us @96111 94949 and know more about alcohol addiction and treatment options for the same from our best Psychologists and Psychiatrists.




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