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Acceptance in Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction treatment

What does Acceptance mean in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is like the ‘monkey on the back’. When your life has been affected by it, it’s easy to beat yourself up and feel excessive guilt and shame. But that sort of behaviour is never going to drive you to commit to the life-long process of overcoming your addiction. Instead, you need to take power over your addiction by mastering the art of what is called ‘Acceptance’.

Drug addiction treatment

Acceptance has a very huge role to play in addiction recovery. It is an opening of your mind to the certainties of life and to the means in which you have been affected by your life choices. It means you are not fighting against the realities of your life, but accepting them for what you are and use them to grow as a person and move forward in life. Acceptance in addiction recovery is a major part of becoming a better person emotionally and spiritually and serves as a huge boost in recovery.

Of all the above, Acceptance is the first step to change in the process of recovery. 

How Acceptance can heal you during Drug addiction treatment?

Drug addiction treatment

Your pain is real as are the problems of addiction. Acceptance doesn’t minimize the severity of these problems caused by addiction but helps you understand that you can conquer them.

Through acceptance, you heal and learn to:

  • Honestly value your life
  • Move past anger, guilt, and sadness
  • Learn lessons from your doings
  • Apply those lessons to later decisions
  • Learn stronger emotions of empathy
  • Open your heart to own forgiveness.

Ways you can build Acceptance in Addiction recovery

Drug addiction treatment

Anyone can gain the acceptance they need to change their lives and overcome their addictive behaviour. Let me quote: ‘ANYONE can!’. If you are feeling directionless, then let us help you with some of the best ways to build acceptance in your recovery. Here you go-

  • Calm your inner critic: Learn to modify that critical inner voice that resides in your head telling you that “you won’t” or “you can’t get over”. Modifying your thought patterns will help you focus on making positive changes in life that’s needed in addiction recovery.
  • Understand your uncertainty –We all make mistakes in life and it is a part of life. But accepting that you did a mistake and taking charge of it will aid your recovery. You must also be prepared to learn from your mistakes and make amends where suitable.
  • Mindfulness meditation techniques– These practices are designed to make you more “present” in your daily life and to feel a more calm, quiet and relaxed state of mind.
  • Practice humility – Humility is the belief that you have limitations and may need help. Accepting this in your life can give you a stronger sense of your strengths. It can help you open you up to get the help you require to recover.
  • Control what you can: Let things be the way they are. It is always discreet to remember the fact that you must draw a boundary between the things you can truly change and those of that you cannot.
  • Explore mother nature: When you take time out of your busy day, you recognise that nature is so much more to perceive and changes happen on its own. It is a perfect metaphor to show the fact that difficulties will come and pass and life will move on.

Role of drug addiction treatment for acceptance in recovery

The quality of drug addiction treatment also affects your acceptance in addiction recovery. To break free from the hooks of addiction, one needs a greater sense of acceptance. To accomplish this, you need to have the best support and help. During a drug addiction treatment, you should be aware of the necessary tools to make acceptance happen. Hence it is wise you choose the best treatments for drug addiction that involve holistic methods of healing, individualized treatment plans and approaches to help you overcome addiction along with relapse prevention strategies.

Drug addiction treatment

Know that recovery may be hard, but it is worth it! And, during your recovery, it is possible to build a stronger sense of acceptance. If you need more information about drug addiction treatment and Addiction recovery or have any queries, do send us at Or visit us at Cadabam’s Anunitha. Alternatively, you call us on our 24/7 helpline number- +91 96111 94949.