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Cocaine is a psycho active drug extracted from plant called Erythroxylon coca bush. Cocaine is generally sold as 'fine', 'white', 'crystalline powder' and is also known as 'coke', 'C', 'snow', 'flake' or 'blow'. Many times the cocaine is mixed with neutral powders like talcum powder, sugar or even with other psychoactive substances.

Alcohol can have different colour, taste, smell and strength depending upon fruits and vegetables used in the manufacturing of Alcohol and also the additives used.

How is it abused:
Cocaine is abused through oral, nasal and injectable route. Taking it through nasal route is called Snorting which directly gets into the system and has its effect. Taking it thorough injection directly into blood vessels is also very common which results in very quick high due to the drug.

What are the effects:
The immediate effects of cocaine use are Euphoric, over talkative, energetic, mentally alert especially to sensations of sound, touch and sight. The person also feels the lesser need to have food and sleep.

It also increases the heart rate, blood pressure and also the person can behave in a bizarre manner sometimes getting violent as also.

It is also observed to have effect on Heart leading to Heart attack and in some fits also.

Over a period of time it takes over the normal mechanism of pleasure and reward mechanism of brain leading to complete dependence on the drug. This makes the person have lesser interest in all activities of life and only seek cocaine.


Marijuana is a psycho active drug probably one of the most common used Drug of abuse. It also a legally allowed drug like alcohol in some of the states in US. One of the major misconceptions about Marijuana is that it is a safer drug than smoking Cigarettes.
Marijuana is commonly recognised and known as 'Weed', 'Grass', 'MJ', 'Pot', 'Reefer', 'Herb' and also 'Mary Jane'.

How is it used: The plants leaves, roots, seeds and even the stem is dried and used for smoking in the powder form. It's generally in Greenish Gray colour. The powder is rolled by hand and smoked which is also called a 'Joint'. Some use pipes or water pipes called 'Bongs'.

What are its effects:
Short Term Effects:
Long Term Effects:


Heroin is a highly addictive illegal psycho active drug. Its obtained by processing some varieties of naturally occurring plants called poppy seeds. Pure Heroin is a white colour material which is bitter in taste. To enhance its taste it is 'cut' with sugar, starch, milk powder or Quinine so that the bitter taste to some extend is avoided. With different methods of preparation of Heroin it is used as not just as Injectable but also to 'snort' or smoke Heroin.

How is it used: Generally it is 'Snorted' which removed the stigma associated with the use of Heroin. The Whitish or Grey powder is also used as Injection. Injecting of Heroin is associated with infections like Hepatitis C and B and also HIV infections.

What are its effects:
Immediate Effects:
Long Term Effects:


These are newer emerging synthetic drugs manufactured but chemically resemble 'cathionone' a amphetamine like substance generally found in plant called Khat. These bath salts abused are sold as 'phone screen cleaner' or 'jewellery cleaner'. It is also called and used as 'Ivory wave', 'cloud nine', 'lunar wave', 'bloom', 'vanilla sky', 'white lightening', 'scarface'.

How is it used: Bath Salts are taken orally , snorted and also injected.

What are its effects:


Hallucinogens are group of drugs which cause hallucinations which is a profound distortion in the perception of reality. They are found in some of the plants and are also extracted from plants like Mushrooms. Hallucinogens are broadly divided into two main categories

LSD ( d- Lysergic acid diethylamide) :
This is also called as 'acid', 'blotter', 'doses', 'hits', 'microdots', 'sugar cubes', 'trips', 'tabs' or 'window panes'. LSD is the most commonly used and also most potent hallucinogen. It is available in white odourless form. It is diluted with water or alcohol and taken but the most common form of use is LSD soaked paper punched into small individual squats known as 'blotters'.

It is an extract from certain types of mushrooms. It is commonly known as 'magic mushrooms', 'shrooms', 'boomers' or 'little smoke'. It is used raw, or mixed with food and eaten. It is also brewed into tea and used. It produces similar effects like LSD.

Short Term Effects:
Long Term Effects:

Dissociative Drugs:
PCP (Phencyclidine):
This is originally a anaesthetic drug used for surgeries. It is commonly known as 'ozone', 'rocket fuel', 'love boat', 'hog', 'embalming fluid', 'super weed'. It is generally used as snorting, smoking, injecting or sometimes swallowed. It is also used by sprinkling on Marijuana or tobacco or parsley.

This is a anaesthetic drug used for short surgeries. This is also used in animals for surgery which is the easiest root for people to access and use. It is commonly known as 'K', 'Special K', 'Cat Valium'. This either snorted or compressed into pills for illicit use. As this drug is tasteless and odourless and has amnesia properties makes it dangerous drug for use in cases of sexual assault.

DXM (Dextromethorphan):
This is a cough suppressant and is found in some of the cough and cold syrups sold over the counter and also in some of the prescribed syrups as well. It is commonly known as 'robo'.

Salvia Divinorum:
This is a plant not available in India but used in US and other countries. It used by extracting the juice of the leaves or the dried leaves are smoked or vaporised and inhaled.

Short Term Effects:
Long Term Effects:


This is derived from its parent drug called Amphetamine. It is commonly known as 'meth', 'chalk', 'ice', 'crystal'. It is similar to its action like amphetamines.
It is generally smoked, snorted, injected or orally taken. Smoking is the most common form of usage as this gives the high very quickly.
What are its effects:

It also causes anxiety, confusion, sleeplessness, mood disturbances and also violent behaviour with long term usage. It also induces paranoia and visual and auditory hallucinations and delusions on long term usage.

MDMA( Ecstasy) :

The chemical is 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine. This is generally available in tablet form and is abused in the dosage of 60 to 120 mgs per tablet. This is also called party drug due to its effect of feeling high energy and stimulant.

MDMA came into practice due its use by psychiatrists for psychotherapy sessions which helped the person develop insight on many occasions. In those days of psychiatric use it was called as the 'penicillin of the soul'
What are its effects:


Prescription drug abuse is one of the common form of addiction found in India. Though much prevalent than west and other countries but things are not documented well. Easy availability of drugs and over the counter sales of medicines without any strict regulations makes it very convenient for the abusers to the medicines and also for people to track the same.

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are The effects vary depending upon the drug of abuse. It also leads to many long term physical and psychological issues.


This is one of the most prevalent habits seen in most countries. The habit very old and also runs across all segments of society. Tobacco use in various forms is very well known and accepted in many countries and cultures as well.

What are its effects:
Smoking is highly addictive in nature due to nicotine and also due to various other substances found in cigarettes.

SPICE( Synthetic Marijuana):

SPICE is newer form of herbal mixture of different herbs that produces experiences similar to marijuana and marketed as safer alternative to same. It is commonly known as 'K2', 'fake weed', 'yucatan fire', 'skunk', 'moon rocks'.
It is used by smoking it or as herbal infusion for drinking.

What are its effects:


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