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ANUNITHA, centre for alcohol and drug de addiction and rehabilitation

ANUNITHA literally means “Unparalleled”. CADABAM’S started an exclusive centre for alcohol and drug de addiction and rehabilitation in the year 2007 with unique programs. We had people with mental health problems getting rehabilitated where many of them were either had problems of alcohol or drug abuse. Recognising the need for an exclusive program which is able to address not just addiction but also the underlying mental health problem most often missed/unrecognised along with rejuvenating debilitated physical health.

In our country there is no dearth for De-addiction centres, CADABAM’S ANUNITHA with an aim of providing comprehensive recovery oriented therapies to address addiction, underlying or associated mental health problem and also the physical health problems is unparalleled in this mental health segment. ANUNITHA promises and is been providing not just world class facilities but also internationally acclaimed and accepted therapeutic programs.



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Upcoming Exclusive centre with world class facilities and Evidenced based programs for the 1st time in India
Scheduled for opening in Nov 2014. Click to see the facilities.
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