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Spacious Living

Accommodation ranging from shared dormitory, double rooms, single rooms, deluxe rooms to luxurious cottages with 3star facilities.

Individual Planning

Individualized structured therapies are planned to help them recover and re-integrate them back to society.


Evidence based group activities to enhance motivation and prevent relapse

Professional Team

Safe and skilful professional care by psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychologists and physician

Centre for Alcohol, Drug De-addiction & Rehabilitation

Licensed by Government of Karnataka

Alcohol & drugs are ingested by many around us to have fun, as a remedy for emotional & stressful problems, to be part of a group, to feel good, to feel happy & for much more reasons without knowing that every 20 out of these 100 become dependent on it. Addiction can happen to anybody there is no specific sex, occupation, family background, education that has exception but when there is addiction it surely needs specialized therapy as in ANUNITHA for recovery.

There are many people who consider use of alcohol for recreational or on social occasions as normal and acceptable, but little is their awareness that even this carries risk of road traffic injuries, socially inappropriate or embrasing behaviour.

ANUNITHA literally means “Unparalleled”. CADABAM’S started an exclusive centre for alcohol and drug de addiction and rehabilitation in the year 2007 with unique programs. Know More

Different Programs By ANUNITHA

ANUNITHA Centre for Alcohol and Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation has innovative programs and follows international standards of care. The de-addiction centre team has evolved many therapeutic interventions keeping up breast with many of the professional bodies of the west and as well as India. Know More




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